Pet System Idea

  • Hello!,

    I was playing a moment ago and I came out with some ideas for a Pet System on Maguss.
    First of all I do not think Pets should be fight oriented and I think it could be great if they could be useful for other things like for example:

    • Gathering Resources: They could gather resources that area near the player automatically
    • Curiers: When the friends list is available the Pets could be used to send things
    • Missions: Like other games you can send pets on "missions" that have a duration..10..15..30 minutes I do not know something like that with gold rewards or objects ( or small chances of chests maybe?)

    Different types of pets could be implemented like for example Dragons,Owls etc with different properties..

    • Dragons : they an carry more weight but they are not as fast so missions take more time
    • Owls : they are faster but they do not carry as much

    I thing that having pets with properties like this could enrich ( I do not know if the expression is like that ) the game with variety instead of making everything fight oriented..


  • I like it!

  • I believe the general idea for pets is already on the list to be implemented - dont know about the specifics though.

  • Find same topic here:
    But not yet on the suggestion in the Tavern forum

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