[Battery] Extreme power drain

  • Hi @maguss ,

    I haven't found a thread opened in Open Beta concerning this, so I thought best to bring this to your attention.

    I'm using a new Nokia 8 so the battery isn't a problem. I've last charged it to 100% last Friday, and have started Monday with 49% power available.
    There were some Ingress and HearthStone game sessions along the way, and half battery drained in 2 whole days.

    Now, after about 40 minutes of Maguss, my phone went in Battery Saver mode with 9% power remaining. Q_Q
    I've passed by one of your posts where you mentioned that some power balancing and battery saver modes will be put in place, buuuut... by the looks of it, what's displayed isn't quite the main problem.

    Something in the background seems to deplete the battery pretty fast as the map was empty and I wasn't casting any spells (so no effects were on-screen) most of the time.

    Thanks for all the awesome work you're doing and for listening to this growing community!

  • i have an Iphone and noticed extreme power drain as well. I am not currently playing the game a lot because just a few minutes of playing would sink my battery completely, not allowing me to do anything else.. I can only play the game at home where i can charge it easily, and playing under powerbank puts my phone under heavy stress since only running the game pretty much overheats it.

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