"Tactician" Daily Challenge - what classifies as an offensive spell?

  • I have never been able to figure out what spells to use for this challenge. At first I thought using Dark Arts spells would work for it but I still didn't get it. Anyone know what to do?

  • @rose need to use none direct damage spells, so inflictions work best.

  • So any spell that describes it as an infliction?

  • I think I used the hp drain spell when I had it

  • someone told me that cloudkill doesnt count either

  • In my opinion, both direct and damage over time spells are offensive.
    Maybe the Daily Challenge text should be updated to reflect the exact type of spell we should use (direct / DoT) ?

    NOTE: I haven't completed that challenge yet, as it didn't appear in my dailies list.

  • @rose mirrored destiny works

  • This is the question I already thought about quite a few times: what exactly is the difference between "offensive spells" and "inflictions"?

    Are offensive spells those which cause instant damage?

    And inflictions all spells which cause a debuff on your oponent for a certain number of cycles? Or only those which cause damage, but not instantly?

    Or are there any more specific definitions to describe the diffences?

  • It seems to me that an offensive spell would be one that is - well - not defensive. In other words, if it is meant to help you take less damage, or recover HP, or buff some aspect of yours, it is not offensive. If it does damage, or causes the enemy to take more damage, then it is offensive.

    Note that something that buffs your empower I would consider as not offensive, but something that reduces the enemies evasion/defense would be considered as offensive. The difference being one is applied to you, the other to the enemy.

    Also, this is in no way what is actually considered to be offensive spells, just my opinion.

  • Hmmm, I think the game should be more precise about those differences.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to add some additional symbols or colored ornaments (like for the equipment qualities) to the spells to able to exactly distinguish their type.

  • Thanks for all the responses! I definitely agree some form of identifying the type of spell would be nice. Or to remove that challenge, because I've never been able to get it. ;>.>

  • I was able to get it twice only because my opponent got disconnected.
    One at the start of the challenge and the other one after a few round.
    I was using drain HP and blood during that challenge.

    But yes it is confusing

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