Make the game harder, skill enhancements and Illusion armor+

  • Hello it's me (again). I have some new ideas. Some of which should be introduced sooner and some which should be introduced later. So let's get started.

    1. Illusions: First after all, we should differ between battle stats and adventure stats. Battle stats help you in battles. Concentration, Empower, Crit etc. Adventure stats help with the adventure itself. These can be: increased gold or experience output, increased maximum tonic and tonic refill speed, increased herbs to be found, reduced brewing and chest opening time and so on. My idea is as followed: give all Armor illusions not only a umique look. Give them also little adventure stats. These will automatically take effect when you own these illusions. Alot of players never again buy illusions if they have something they want. These stats should be really low so that the additive behavior isn't too strong but gives the player great advantages if they grow to true collectors (which aren't P2W because they aren't battle stats). So it could look as followed: Head (+2% experience everywhere), Chest (+2% gold), Bottom (+1% exp and gold). Owning a complete set gives an unique effect depending on the set itself. Such a set bonus can be a +5% to the interaction cycle, - 1 minute brewing time and so on. This idea could be implemented pretty soon. Limited illusions should be a little bit better (such as the White Legionnaire or the PvP sets).

    2. Skill enhancements: Every spell which looses importance in late game could get one Enhancement slot. There will be Enhancement stones in the game which can be acquired through multiple ways. Some are found at monsters, some at the bazaar and so on. Every stone has it's own unique way to be unlocked (and also special level requirements in the particular school to be able to equip it; not in 5 level steps). These stones enhance the spells (there can be more than one enhancment stones for one spell, this way strategy is augmented even more in Maguss). So let's say the developers recognize Magic Missile isn't used by level 10+ anymore. They decide to give the Magic Missile a stone which allows Magic Missile to be cast with only one slot making it a good filler spell when a slot is free. Developers can make bad spells great again and strategical choices are harder to made. Spells like Steal are still good in endgame. These spells should only get weak stones like decreasing heat costs by 2. These feature should be implemented a little bit later. Probably in the beginning of next year or something like that.

    3. Make the game harder!!! Alot of players will hate me for this but I think even the normal PvE battles should be more exciting. And this can be done to make death real. If a player dies by a PvE fight there should be a respawn time (let's say one hour) for players to revive. Players are unable to make most actions (or all?) while they do so. Right now people can battle through PvE like nothing and heal through monsters like it's no problem. And when dying, who cares? Nothing really bad happens. With this system players are forced to play with head also in PvE, not only in PvP. Of course, with my first idea there are illusions which shortens the time. There will be also three potions which help you reviving (one for low tier, one for mid tier and one for high tier). You are only able to drink one potion while dead and they shorten the time of reviving by 33%, 66% and 100% respectively. These potions shouldn't be too easy to make but also they shouldn' t be too hard to craft either. Optional the revival time also can be depend on the monster making the game friendlier for beginners. Another optional could make the first revival for every monster free, enabling the player to learning the fightstyle of the monster.

  • @dragoneye95

    I dont care about illusions giving outside combat bonuses (and im f2p) if the bonuses do NOT include drop chance.

    Skill enhancements is a nice idea to every skill but i dont think that the role of the spell should change. Magic arrow is a 2 slot filler, making it 1 slot will kill magic sting; reducing magic arrow heat cost to 0 for example wont affect other spells and it fits the role of the spell.

    Devs are making the game easier to encourage casual players to play maguss and thats the right thing to do. They are changing the heal next update so we cant predict what will happen with the combats for healing (i think that players should be forced to walk or use potions, not doing so neglects exploration, brewing and economy aspect of maguss)
    I dont know which level are you, but in high tiers some monsters are pretty hard, especially for players who just reached the tier: troll as a tank with high dmg that spam dark force, basilisk with very high dmg and insane concentration (can often hit against 120 eva) for example.

  • @coto013 Well I think armor illusions also could increase armor drop chance (when having full set) by a little percentage. It is nothing really gamechanging. Maybe you're right about the Magic Missile but I think you got the idea. Making Magic Missile costing no heat is probably not enough. But you got it. And I really think death should be a problem in the game. Maybr with the optional idea to make it dependent on which monster killed you. Tier 1-5 dont require respawn then but Tier 6-10 does? Slowly introducing to dying. And well there will be enough ways to shorten the revival or even to completely end it.

  • @dragoneye95
    Drop chance is the only thing that matters at max level, if you can pay for it (you already have the booster) the gap between people who play or not is going to be huge

    I have no idea what punish should be ok for death

  • if you want something for a death penalty just add the effects of the exhaustion spell to the player for an hour or so (+1 heat for each spell cast).

  • @coto013 I think revive time is a good idea. I thought once more about another resolution to shorten death time and I found a new idea. Shrines. They are about 1-2 kilometers from each other. You can go to them and give the gods a donation of some gold to make you revive instantly. These shrines also could give buffs when you offer them special items. And if it is as you say make these + drop chance the armour where players can work for. For an example the Bazaar illusion set.

  • @dragoneye95 said in Make the game harder, skill enhancements and Illusion armor+:

    You can go to them and give the gods a donation of some gold to make you revive instantly.

    Getting gold is too easy.
    With revive potions in shop the gap between spenders and not will increase.
    If the ilusion do not depend on dust is fair, no problem with that

  • @coto013 Even the dust illusions shoud give bonus. Only to speed up the play a little bit, not to make players better. The Revive potions I mentioned are meant to brew, so no or only little Magic Dust needed to buy the recipe (20 dust should be alright). Don't forget. The game developes. Right now the endgame is all about Equipment farming. One day this goal will probably change. It will still be a part. But not that important anymore and then developers can give armors which you need Magic Dust for (which also can be farmed by the way) these bonus. Players just have to decide for themselves for what they want to spend their Magic Dust and I see the problem right now coming that developers may run out of money any day in the future and our beloved game will die.

    Postscriptum: There are very few games living through only visual upgrades to player. One of these is Path of Exile but you can't compare this game because it is a full PC game. Smartphone players mostly wanna play for free. They seldom give money for a smartphone game and for visuals? Only the hardcore fans. Mathmatics. It says Maguss could have a problem soon.

  • @dragoneye95 This game needs to attract players not lose them. Adding a penalty to death will drive players away. Come up with ideas to increase player base. If you don't have enough players you have no game.

  • @luckychance
    I like what said, and yeah, this game need more player, a player base made by the players too, and i want to play this game with my friend and workmates - in cooperative gameplay! If there will be such game mode i will start a new account, gather my friends and ask them too and then we will go for hunt in Maguss together! So i will have my recent account to play alone, and i will have an account for party with my friends

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    your suggestions, at least very similar ones, were already presented to devs :)

    I personally wouldn't punish players with death penalty, as in action RPG game it is very frustrating.

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