[Suggestions] Resting and Mage Academy

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    Hi, i will be presenting some ideas here.

    1. Camping/Resting
    2. Mage Academy (aka Your Workplace)

    This is an optional feature but good to have because besides using potions to heal after battling monsters, players can set up camp wherever they are to restore their health.

    Currently, it is good that we need to walk in order to regenerate health. This encourages active participation.
    But with the resting feature, it gives players an alternative to regenerate health when they are at a stationary place. Also with Napping, players watch Ads to shorten their rest time and benefit both players and the game!

    Mage Academy
    This will be a more major idea. The idea that most player travel to a place to work in their day, Maguss can mark this location as a Mage Academy.

    The Mage Academy is a place where players visit every day. (if you go to work, also encourages you to go to work haha).
    A random buff will be given to you too! Your Mage Academy or Mage Tower will become nicer as you complete activities within it.

    Things you can do at the Academy:
    Brew Potion - For roleplaying sake, we don't carry the Cauldron around to brew potion anywhere, anytime.
    Limit potion brewing to within the academy enables us to plan ahead what potions to brew and bring with us when we leave the workplace.

    The Tonic mechanic used to brew potions is currently standalone, I would suggest to instead replace it with [Monster Essence] acquired when we kill monsters. This will also motivate players to slay monsters.

    Also, the idea of [Improvement beans] are quite redundant I don't think there is much use for it.

    Upgrade your Cauldron - We should start with only a single Cauldron and upgrade it to a better high-level Cauldron as we progress the game.
    A better Cauldron will allow better potions or even fusion of items to be crafted.

    Summon a monster from Magic Portal - Every Week, there will be unique challenge which requires you to use overcome a special "BOSS".
    We will be rewarded with Magic Dust and also a chance to earn ILLUSION items.
    This will allow replayability and also give players an alternative to earning ILLUSION.
    "Hey check it out! I beat the SUMMON monster X times and earn this ILLUSION!".

    Example of Unique challenges
    Survivalist - Survive for 7 turns - Summon 3 level higher monster from Monster Pack to wet the player's appetite.

    Above are purely my wild imagination and suggestion I hope to enhance the game play of Maguss. My advice to the development team will be to focus their priority now to solve the bugs and stabilise the gameplay as the player base increases.
    Future implementations of TERRITORY WAR can wait while you solve the base gameplay experience first.

    Thanks for reading! What ideas do you have to enhance the game?

  • I really like the Mage Academy idea and what you wrote! Thumbs up!

  • Global Moderator

    Nice, I really like the pictures and the ideas. I'll add it to the suggestion list now!

  • The camping/resting I don't really like, we already have many ways to heal.
    Walking and brewing potions for the players that like to interact with the map.
    And the shop for the players who want to play from home.
    But I'm sure many people will like this option ;P

    For the other idea, the Mage Academy it's a really good idea, I like so much ^^

  • @yami One thing that I am unsure of is the purpose and usage of the Health system.
    In PVE, it determines if we slay the monster or be slain by them. So after each encounter, I can choose to walk to regen or pop a potion or even cast a healing spell in battle.

    It all depends on the lore and direction this game is heading, personally I imagine myself as a wandering mage making my way to the Mage Academy, on the way I will encounter monsters and fight them, I enjoy strategic play and having potions kind of spoils the immersion, make potions have a 30mins cooldown after each use.

    But I feel its unfair to start PVP Duel with my existing health pool. I believe we have all experience PVP when both players have half the health, it was hilarious!
    Maybe in PVP, they should separate the health system and ensure players start duelling with full health in all fairness.

  • I like the mage academy idea, but having it set up by an individual player is problematic. People change jobs too often, or have jobs that travel, or have jobs like mine, that prohibit phones during work. So, not sure where you would put it, or if academies might be like gyms in Pokemon go, but having the player set it up seems like an ill-fated idea involving tons of emails to the development team about trying to move it. Or, just as bad, having it easily moved, which retards the purpose of having such a building.

  • @tackybrad Agree, it's a valid consideration. Or should this Mage Tower be set as your home location, it makes sense too.
    One way the game and lore can align is that the Mage Tower can change location because of magic...why not.

    The mechanic as follows:

    • Player Set location (at least 5km away from Home location) as Mage Tower (1st time free). This aligned with the main gameplay mechanics to encourage players to walk/move.
    • Mage Tower location can be changed at the cost of 10 Magic dust.

  • @trustin-neo changing the tower with magic dust it's good to help developers with the game.
    But some people travel a lot, maybe another option to consider it's to cost game coins and only can change the location every 24 hours for example.

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