Idea for dungeon model

  • I've read a few posts about how to make dungeons work without causing problems like trespassing. My idea would be to make a direction panel in top corner of map. Instead of forcing the player to walk a specific direction make it to where we have to choose the direction we want to walk. Example would be click N to walk north and this could be done in distance/steps so you would never have to trespass or enter a dangerous location to fight a boss/find chests. So to enter the next room it was 300m SE. Click S walk and walk 300m on a side walk or in a park , then click E and walk east until you reach your destination. This will avoid trespassing and allowing plays to explore each room of the dungeon.

    This is just a rough idea but it seems like an easy design/model to add into the interface and coding. Please email me for any further communication.

    Great game by the way!

    Thank you,


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