New Job Idea : Blacksmith / Enchanter + End Game thought

  • So to know where we go we need to know where we are !

    Current State Of The Game :

     * 2 jobs : Brewing / Herborist
     * A Basic equipement system
     * A Loot System that can be deceiving/feeling empty  (without booster) 
    • The Blacksmith job :

      By adding a decay / damage dealt to armor every fight ,decreasing its basic sats ,a Blacksmith job could make us gain interest into our stuff

      Current state of the game : You Loot , you wait for a better loot

      With the blacksmith , as i see it, it would be more like a mini-game giving you the option to empower with special stats at medium / high levels of mastery:

      it show your armor , with bump / hole on it (depending on the level of damage received ) and you have to repair it with
      special tools , the futher you level up , the more you gain acces to new tools , giving you the choice on utilitary, empower , defenssive stats + adding a nice feeling of "i made it "

    End game thought for this jobs :

    The bonus given by the job could be based on time(and i talk about the bonus the basic repair is done , not the repair in it self , you want a quick basic armor,you repair it quick , the end), incresing the more you work on your armor , but not infinite, but the limit increasing with the player level/Blacksmith level and asking for ressources the futher you augument your gear depending on the type of armor ,like the potion are asking you ingredients and you brew them after , here you repair and every level of finishing requires new resources

    Little issue to figure out :

    Do the armor , when damaged , lose level of finishing and after basic stats or lose basic stats and finishing stats decrease together and a normal also repair them

    (for me the first option could be really time/ressource consuming depending on the decay rate but is the most logical one tho)

    • The Enchanter job :

    Now that we saw the Blacksmith job is introduce , let's talk about the enchanter job !

    The concept is simple a other way to empower your gear and most important , to add a new loot to the system :Powders !

    This is a one rock 2 hit idea , more loot so it doesn't feel empty anymore + more game content !

    The idea is simple , for each type of monster you defeat you loot a powder having a different type / color ( Blue powder/ defensive type for a stone golem )

    And with enough power you could enchant an armor to have permanent bonus add to it !

    Minigame of the enchanter : Well here i got the idea from the ingress glyph hack system :

    2 choices :

    • you only press the enchant button and it consume the pre-set amount of powders and ressouces , enchanting your piece of stuff with a medium bonus

    • you press the button longerand have to reproduce spell cast in the order given , the higher the tier have have to enchant , the more spell you need to cast , and the result depend of the time and accuracy of the player ! (result going to bad ,medium ,good, perfect enchant )

    End Game Thought about Enchanter Job :

    The major limit here would be the fact that leveling up the job would be really slow and enchanting armor would be made only once (or you add a disenchant button)

    • End Game Thought about Enchanter and blacksmith Synergy :

    Those two jobs would a kind of specialisation made by the player , due to the reccources cost in each jobs , to efficently level one of the two you'll need to make a choice BUT :

    With a guild system / Guild Chest system a player to make the Ultimate armor (Full finishing + enchanted) would have to be in a guild and activelly cooperate with another player , and probably in a little guild one or two designated enchanter /blacksmith to do repair and enchant members stuff !

    TL;DR :
    * 4 jobs : Brewing / Herborist/ enchanter/blacksmith
    * An Advanced equipement system
    * A Loot System that never feel empty anymore ! (without booster)

    PS : i'm working on the PVP / player relation side but, yet, i have to figure out 1 or 2 things out

    On this , thanks for reading , Myrani / MystiqueFlame

    Have a Nice Day !!

  • Global Moderator

    Thanks for showing your ideas, I have added it to the suggestion list.

  • @jhamm thanks !!

  • Just to re-emphasize

    • 2 1 jobs : Brewing / Herborist - Collecting herbs is more a task to serve the brewing job
    • A Basic Advance equipment system - that gives set bonus, this system itself already wins over PokemonGO. I believe the dev have worked very hard to implement this system which is necessary for RPG games and they even include set bonus which is a huge technical achievement!

    What you are suggesting is to have more variety of things to do.
    I share my ideas in this post here.

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