[Bug] Wrong location

  • Half of the times that i logged in maguss today the location that was displayed on the map was different from my real location. Like 15 seconds after the log in i teleport from the wrong location to the right one and got a speed limit warning(something weird because i was walking). When this happens i restart the app (so i can gather herbs without being bothered by the speed cap) and i have no location issues.
    Im worried about this because i might get banned for gps spoofing

  • @coto013 you will not get banned for spoofing, I think they didn't implement that control yet.
    Have you this problem with google maps?
    Have you the high GPS precision activated on your device?

  • @yami
    Other apps like google maps are working fine, they show my location within less than 15 meters of radius (or less)

  • I've noticed the same problem. Hasn't really done anything though.

  • @coto013 I've seen another thread like this in the forum then seems a bug in some devices, hope Devs investigate it...

  • This tends to happen in other location based apps or games as well. If the GPS isn't actively following your location, the first app that actually needs your current location doesn't always get it right in a blink of an eye. So it may take a short time to get it fully accurate, which is then enough to activate speedlock in Maguss.

    As an example, I see this kind of behaviour very often when I start Ingress (another, older AR game that many of you may or may not have heard of), but it doesn't cause speedlock. When I start the game, it may even show portals from 30 kilometers away or so, or wherever I had the game active last time, before GPS pinpoints my location and the game display warps to where I'm actually standing. But still, there's no speedlock, because Ingress doesn't allow you to interact with anything until it has acquired an accurate location.

    Even when I open up Google Maps for navigation, I sometimes see the blue dot warping around slightly before it focuses perfectly on my current location.

    So, I would say it's not a phone "problem", as it's quite normal that GPS isn't fully perfectly accurate instantaneously. It's the sensitivity of speedlock that should be adjusted. Perhaps by trying to calculate average speed within the last minute or so to avoid speedlocks due to random GPS glitches, and also trying to figure out how to handle the game launch similarly to Ingress to avoid speedlock activating instantly.

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