[Suggestion] Move the turn timer / skip button away from the middle

  • Turn timer / skip button during combat should really be somewhere on the side or bottom of the screen, not in the middle of the area where you are usually trying to draw your spells. If you start the drawing from too close (or from the top of ) the timer, drawing doesn't register at all, or it is registered as a skip, leading to some completely messed up rounds.

    Turn timer could of course be shown exactly where it is now to make it clear how much time we have left, but we shouldn't be able to interact with anything extra within the drawing area. Skipping a turn should always be intentional, never accidental, and these accidents could be easily avoided by moving the button.

    I think there's plenty of space for example on the bottom right, next to that fairly useless messaging button...

  • I've never had a problem with it. There is plenty of space below the timer to draw glyphs, plus the timer doesn't respond to sliding fingers, only tapping. So, unless you start your glyph on the timer, there shouldn't be any accidents.

  • Might be plenty of space normally, but when it's -25°C outside and I'm wearing gloves to keep my fingers from freezing, I prefer to draw the spells larger to better see what I am actually drawing. Yes, it's has been that cold here in Finland lately...

    Nevertheless, it should not be in the middle of the screen, because it does take a lot of space. I will now quite bluntly twist your reply around and say that there's plenty of space elsewhere on the screen for the skip button, so there shouldn't be any reason for it to be in the middle, where it will cause the most accidents depending on player's drawing style.

  • @beldin Completely agree. Though I've only had a problem.. maybe once, there is no reason for it to be in the middle. It should definitely be moved. I also think a "Are you sure you want to skip? You have cast no spells this turn" sort of safeguard should be in there, because I have had blank turns by hitting it too many times against a mob. Not game breaking of an incident, but rather frustrating.

  • @beldin The skip button I don't think should matter - you aren't drawing glyphs. I don't think I specified that last time so I will now.

    Secondly, having other places to put the timer does not mean there would be less accidents. After all, considering that where the timer is now is not one of the locations that spell starts at - the best we could do is move it somewhere where the same is true. As such, drawing larger glyphs should only make it less likely to accidentally hit the timer. I would attribute the accidents - in your case - to the cold and the gloves, something which I believe to be a fairly uncommon situation.

    Finally, I would have the very opposite problem should we move it to where you suggested. Often times, for tests and such, I skip through 8-9 seconds of the timer and the turn itself, so it is nice for the button to be accessible. The buttons on the side are fairly unaccessible, the very fact you are using to try and put the timer there. This makes it much more difficult to actually use the timer feature, should it be moved there.

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