Please remove "You've found 1 [ingredient]" message

  • Every time I collect an ingredient there's this message "You've found 1 [name of ingredient]", which is VERY annoying because I have to wait until this message disappears (or "click" it away) before I'm able to do something else.

    My suggestion is: please remove this message (especially because it's not only annoying but also quite useless).

  • I feel same, that message is annoying, and slowing the game. On the other side sametimes you get more than one ingredients, so the information given by the message worth a bit, and a bit interrupt the monotonity of clicking but annoying in this recent form.

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    Hmm added the suggestion to remove it, to the suggestion list. There should be a way to show this information without getting in the player's way.

  • I would suggest making it smaller instead of removing it completely. It doesn't have to be a huge sticker as it is now - just a simple line of text flashing briefly below the experience bar would be quite enough. It could perhaps also be added into the "combat log" in case someone needs to see how many were collected.

    I actually kinda like seeing that message immediately after pickup. I'm currently out of a specific herb, so if I need two more for brewing the next potion, seeing whether I got one or two of them from the pickup immediately is useful.

  • If any of y'all play pokemon go, you will know that the "super effective" message used to be a banner above the pokemon to loudly proclaim to you whatever it is it wants to say (also handled special move notifications). However, this lagged the game tremendously because it was a graphic, like we have now.

    Niantic has since moved it to the bottom right as small text, out of the way and only helpful. It solved the lag issues in battles and is still helpful if I care to look.

    I suggest something similar now. We have a large banner taking up the majority of the desired clickable area right now. Simply move it away and let it be only text that flashes up for a few seconds somewhere small and unobtrusive. If the player cares to look, they can. If they do not care, they can comfortably annoy it. Best for everyone.

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