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  • I'm playing on 2 devices. For both, I turned ON the option to "Show my location" I closed the app on my Galaxy S5 hours ago. When I opened the app on my Galaxy S8+, I saw this :0_1519770404163_Screenshot_20180227-172223.png

    So I tapped my other toon, and saw this :0_1519770459769_Screenshot_20180227-172232.png

    I tapped the Battle button, and tried to invite my S5 toon to a Duel. I saw nothing on my S5.

    So, I thought, if we see toons for devices that are not playing at the moment, shouldn't we receive Push Notifications for an invite to battle?

  • Good point! I don't see the app utilise push notification for anything yet.
    I think push notifications can be use for when:

    • Invitation to Duel
    • Potion brewing completion
    • Chest spawn nearby
    • Other Players within vicinity
    • Friends coming online
    • Custom tracking for Daily Challenge (for example: Notify when Forgotten Spirit appears near you.

  • Global Moderator

    @trustin-neo Added your suggestion to our list. Would be cool to have some of your push notification ideas implemented.

  • @jhamm Thanks! I have also created the UI for tracking a daily challenge. Noted that Challenges are tracked based on numbers, so it may not be necessary to have active tracking but oh well..

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