My thoughts about Maguss

  • I'm Coto and I'm writing this review to tell about my experiences while playing and how I feel about the current state of the game.
    I decided to do this because I reached an "achievement" that is getting enough player xp to max my level twice

    I'm focusing mainly on the gameplay and the progression of both the character and the player.
    The game tutorial explains how to cast and brew, but don't spoil anything more to the player, it forces you to experience the gameplay and learn about tactics as you progress.
    The first few levels just test if you to cast, no matter what you do with your stats and how bad your tactics are you can get to the second tier. From now on and on every new tier you face a wall, a challenge that you need to overcome; the first encounter with every monster is harsh, it takes you out from your comfort zone and force you to face a new tactic that punish anyone who can't adapt.
    While difficulty spike is great, it's up to the player having a bad time. All the pve fights are designed like an "invisible" tutorial that teach you the archetypes and how to counter them. Every annoying monster that players have issues with is easy to counter just by using one or two spells that you should have available if you leveled up the spell schools with some balance.
    Some examples: against drakes (replicate) there is true sight, against ghoul (fumble) there is mirrored destiny, against djinns (crushing void + violent poisons) there is bark skin and so on.
    I think that it is too much to be a coincidence, it is an excellent design that forces you to learn in order to advance. The only issue with this (and the reason because many players get frustrated) is that for some classes there is no challenge.
    Many players have an easy time against monsters that should punish them a lot for their build/spell choices, they don't fail so they never stop to think about what to do in certain scenarios and when they face any real threat (a harder monster or a pvp opponent) they lose without a chance. That's why I believe that pve must be harder or the progresion reworked to make the players unable to have an easy time.

    I don't enjoy facing opponents like this
    Even when he had an overwhelming stat advantage (he can heal more than the damage i can do) his spell choice was terrible.

    This is why I have the feeling that people underestimate Maguss, maybe because other AR games or because it's a mobile game. When they play it, instead of thinking a counter or relying on other players for tips they just ask for nerfs when it's their fault as a player. With this I'm not saying that the game is perfectly balanced, just that a considerable part of the community don't apreciate the spell design and the great pve that prepares you to face real players.

    In regards of player progression i think that having easy to cap masteries compared to the ridiculous drop rate discourages the player. I gained most of my level 50 experience while using a drop rate boost, farming tiers l and ll for amulets/spellbook, tier lV for rings and mainly tier X for the set and my equipment can be bought from the shop.

    Finally, in regard of endgame, most precisely pvp i can say that the system is great, i had so much fun fighting some opponents, learning new ways to use spells and theorycrafting.
    There are only two main issues about this, the balance and the decline rate.
    About the balance i can't say much, some classes have no working/decent class spell where others have totally unfitting (So many questions here: Why dark force is a sorcery and not a dark art? Why a paladin, a glasscanon have dark force a unmissable attack instead of a precision class? What's next a rogue with holy smite?). For example, because rogue class lack any decent source of damage even with 8+15+11+15+13 = 62 emp (base+points+legendary t2 head+t10 good wand+potion) i was't able to overcome the healing of my opponents (heal debuffs are countereable) so i needed to go for a build that can kill without caring for heals.
    Even with unbalanced classes, i understand that Maguss is in beta phase, so i consider this as a minor issue.
    The real issue is the decline rate, something has to be done about this, without exaggerating many players get declined more than fifty times before a sucessful duel.

    I think that the game is great and that the Maguss team work very hard on making it even better while they care about the players and any possible issue they might have, you are doing a great job.
    Everything here, it's only my point of view, if it help you in any way its great and if you don't agree I would gladly hear your thoughts about it

  • Well put :)

    PVP is the biggest problem for me atm, just hit lvl 35 and most of the time I will be lucky to see anyone over lvl 20. I know there is only a small player base but I believe there needs to be lvl tiers to the PVP system so ppl that want to slow lvl can still play against ppl closer to their lvl.

  • I agreed with both of you. I think, despite some "choice", the game is really well balanced for a game this "little". Ok some feature is missing and some need change (like Antony said) but in the overall, the game feel me confortable.

  • As of now monsters and chests are single player. Which led to me to doubt Maguss's scalability for multiplayer experience.

  • @zhixin-zhang There are many multiplayer experiences planned - it's just that most require the more basic things such as combat to exist first.

  • Regarding dueling. Sometimes in duel players get to see opponents do weird stuff. Wonder why? Maybe they live in far away region from the server and there is latency.

    The casting is currently client per server request and respond. Meaning you cast a spell and client needs to wait for the round trip from the server back to the client. Therefore the 10 second window of per turn may result in really a lot of waiting.

    Next the player may not have enough time to observe and react to what the opponent is casting (looking at the current spell slot and heat). Example: 4 heat 4 slots; oohhh most likely it is cloud, lets reflect it.

    By the time the information reached the client it is already too late as time is slipping. On top of that they have to deal with the latency to register their spells which makes matter worse.

    This duel system is great for localized play or region segregated. I think the duel is going to be fun eventually if they resolve the regional latency and match making system.

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