Time for a noob question about attributes

  • Hello, I'm unable to find out the level caps of the attributes and, if they have one, the softcaps. Does someone know them?

  • @orione
    You can add up to 15 points to each stat by leveling up; when you reach the max points in any stat you won't be able to keep spending the points that you earn on level ups on that attribute.
    The stats you get from potions,level up bonus(every 5 levels) and equipment don't count for the cap.

  • @orione if by "softcaps" you are talking about limits where a skill becomes less usefult (so that it's less worth to spend points on it) i don't think there are known soft caps at the moment. I remember that @Coto013 was saying something on discord about a Concentration cap, but not sure

  • @ron-benvenuti
    If your concentration is high enough (+45 if I remember correctly) you can't miss buffs and heals but the miss chance for spells that target yourself is going to be removed in the next update.

  • I think the bonus for high Con is degressive.

    I have 12 Con and a pant that gave me +18 Con on charm spell. I miss sometime charm . Too often for a 30 Con if i refer to my miss rate with 12 Con.

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