Duel ended in a draw?

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  • Uh. I didn't realize it was possible to draw. OH WAIT. Maybe if a player uses a move that damages yourself and the enemy - i.e. fumble, which simultaneously kills both of you. Other than that I can't think of anything, since everything else will only damage one person at a time and there is no turn cap atm.

  • @aezora
    In sorcery spells detailed decription topic says that "Should both players die from this then the casting player will lose." when talking about fumble.
    A moderator posted that, so the only other options i can think of are 1) both players had dots and the tick is checked at the same time or 2) a bug

  • I ende 3 or 4 duells with a draw, all on the same way. My oponent makes me more damge I think he will an then my witch use Fumble, kill my oponent an then I lose also livepoints and when they are hit 0 I'm killed too so it's a draw.

  • I beleive I did 2 legitimate draw already ... cloudkill on me an max blood with open wound on my enemy

  • @coto013 Perhaps its a bug then where fumble (or similar spells) are not correctly determining who should win. (Since others have said they drew this way.) I don't think that it could've been inflictions or similar spells, because they are determined at two different points (although it is possible that is another bug, where one player dies but it still calculates if the other player would've too, and then caused a draw if they both die.)

  • @aezora I had a draw because my opponent used fumble and we both died.

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