[BUG] As of 02.03.2018 (DD.MM.YYYY) - MAGUSS crashes constantly within 30 seconds of opening the App.

  • Hello fellow magicians and Maguss developing team,

    as of today the App crashes after every interaction or after being 1 minute ingame (at max). I tried reinstalling the game and restarting my phone.


    iPhone 6
    iOS Version 11.2.5

    Maguss Version 1.01

    The game became literally unplayable for as of today.

    Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

  • How did you do to cause the crash?
    I know that when my map as other players avatar appearing, when I move the map it will crash. But I can still play without rotating my map or wait for the other player to go out of range.

  • @trustin-neo

    What caused the App to crash so far for me:

    1. Starting the game, without any interaction (inventory, monster etc..), the App crashes after 1 minute at maximum.

    2. Gathering herbs right after starting the game causes the App to crash before you get the ‚You gathered X amount of Y‘ - message (herbs will still appear in the inventory)

    3. Tapping on Monsters on the map (NOT battling), causes the App to crash.

    4. Opening the Inventory and closing it will cause the App to crash.

    • so basically every interaction ingame makes the game crash for me.

    Yesterday it hasn‘t been like that - everything worked perfectly. I haven‘t done ANY updates in this time.

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