Maguss March Roadmap

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    Maguss March Roadmap

    Hello guys, the following is our March implementation roadmap. All is subject to change, but we consider these tasks to be top priority.

    1. Optimization
      At the moment, the game crashes on older device models. We believe we found a solution and are currently working on fixing this so you can all enjoy the game.

    2. Controls
      Many of you report unresponsive controls, glyphs not being recognized and other control issues. We plan to replace 2nd and 4th glyph and also make buttons feel and act more responsive.

    3. PvP auto-loss issues
      We know how discouraging and frustrating this issue is since we also seem to lose for no apparent reason. This bug has the highest priority of all and we will do our best to fix it for good.

    4. All other highest priority bugs and necessary adjustements/balancing
      E.g. situations when the game "undresses" you, PvP duels freezing, being stuck at PvP duel Accept/Decline screen, class balance, nerfing heals, removing missing your own buffs and heals, penalty for declining duels, etc.

    5. Removing the registration barrier
      Introducing new ways to register and also guest account - Download and play

    6. Data and battery drain optimization

    7. Online maps (map overview)
      The current skin is truly a not a work of art. We will address this.

    Please note that we are a really, really small team (<10 people). We are capable of finishing all these taks but please, be patient.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Hello there :)

    Is there any ETA for a new patch, at least a small part of the mentioned changes/fixes?

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    @piotr-jasiek-próchnicki said in Maguss March Roadmap:

    Hello there :)

    Is there any ETA for a new patch, at least a small part of the mentioned changes/fixes?

    I believe the patch will come in the end of March.. Devs are pretty busy with it.

  • i hope for a better map and navigation, now it's sadly horrible, "ingress" system is perfect, would be fantastic if can make some similar

  • i hope that after the map update the interaction circle size realy means that we can interact with anything inside it...

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