Tier IX wand bug

  • It seems that the wand isn't working as intended since my t1 wand gives me more damage than the tier IX even when I'm fighting monsters. (Might be wrong though) is a poor wand bought in the shop, should give 14 empower vs monster but I'm.pretty sure the wand isn't working as intended.

  • You should at least be able to see the difference in your stats between the two wands right? Can you post those, as well as some damage numbers with the same spell on the same monster with the two different wants (or no wand)?

  • There is no stat increase when you equip it, I thought it was because it was an increase that only happened when you fought monsters, I can't take a screenshot atm, but I can asure you, the tier 1 wand does more damage, with only +4 in empower so the wand ain't working at all

  • The stats should increase (or, inversely, decrease) when you equip or remove an item. Are you saying it does not increase with the tier 1 wand as well?

  • @aezora ofcourse stats increase with tier 1

    Tier 9 wans gives power against monsters, so you can't see it in stats (same as sorcery concentration etc)

  • Yeah you can see the stat increase in tier 1 but ofc you can't see it in tier 9 since it is only an increase vs monsters, the point is that I'm doing less damage with the 9 tier wand than the tier 1 wand, and the tier 9 one has 10 points more of empower.

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