Are you all really Declining me?

  • I've been seeing a lot of Duel declines. Are you all scared of me, or is that a bug? I'm seeing a lot of declines, even before I hit the Ready button.

  • @stevenrice
    I hate declines too but is not enough to make me upload a video XD
    Keep in mind that declines may be punished in following updates and that many people can missclick duel or just realize that they dont have enough time, low hp or their potions effect finished

  • @coto013 I just thought "Really, either these people are all scared of me, or is it a bug that the developers should see?" I think it would be kind of a weird coincidence that I keep getting matched with people that immediately decline, after they pressed the Duel button.

  • @stevenrice it's just because they loaded the screen before you

  • i dont think they should punish people for wanting to decline a duel. in alpha it was a nightmare having overpowerer high levels challenging the little guys. they need a better system so that it puts you against another around your level but opt to allow challenging duels to fight the big boys. i just started playing again after a long time away and when i was just level 5 i was getting matched up against level 15 and up.

  • @ValenMorcaine
    The "overpowered high levels" don't want to fight "little guys" because its boring; both get matched against their will.
    If you think about it, if a low level reaches top divisions, it's common sense that it's going to get matched against top pvp players and again it's common sense that the top pvp players also has high level. The issue is not the matchmaking but the low levels climbing more that they should.

  • for sure if the little guys are climbing ranks they are looking to fight the big guys but when you are a level 5 and get paired against what i have personally seen level 20, 25, 32s all accepting challenges from a first time level 5 is ridiculous so yes there are still many who would take advantage of that had not a decline button be placed.

    on a side note, i am returning since a long absence in alpha. are there any spells i should steer clear of? i know mirror destiny, and overheat were abused for so long. i am trying ti get back into the swing of this game. ALOT has changed so i am testing the waters with pvp.

  • @valenmorcaine
    When you rank up you are supposed to fight the average level of that division, if levels 5 get to adept ll they should be fighting levels +35 and if they can't then they should rank down. If this is benefits the higher levels or not doesn't matter.

    The low-mid pvp meta is very straightforward and the endgame pvp is based on support spells.

  • i am going to assume things in this game changed alot but last time i checked, the idea of a level 5 with access to tier II spells going against a level 35 would still always end disastrous. they would have probably double the hp, access to tiers much higher than their own, oh and many more spell slots open. if level 5s are going against 35s and winning that sounds ludicrous and broken. maybe i am missing something. maybe you can help me understand.

  • @valenmorcaine
    It's simple, they shouln't be in the same rank. If people don't decline the lv 35 players will rank up fast and problem fixed.
    With the current decline rate, high levels can't rank up and the low levels can (because they just fight against low levels) so at the end of the day high levels are stuck in their rank and low levels rank up so they are being matched against even higher lv opponents. All of this is caused by declines and will naturally be fixed without them.

  • @coto013

    wouldnt it be smarter to just have two separate duel functions? one for just regular duels, then in the ranked duel section make it where no decline. it shouldnt automatically be a ranked duel if you just want to test a new spell set, or just use duels to gain a little exp in any cerraib school of magic.

    i think it has nothing to do with the decline. ive seen what happens when the masses have no choice and it was awful, chaotic and broken.

    they need a better ranked duel system so the obviously powerful people who have the powef and the level to be fighting in their league against other higher levels. if the ranked duels had seperate levels it could bronse, silver, gold and so forth...that way people rank up when they have beaten enough, and gained the levels needed to rank up. cant just be a free for all and expect the ranks to not be all screwed up.

  • not trying to be argumentative. just trying to understand the current state of things and see what its like now. i used to be a high level long ago lol. even then i hated the people who prayed on the lower levels on purpose.

  • @valenmorcaine
    The idea of non raked pvp is nice (but with no rewards because you have nothing to lose), but that don't fix the declines in ranked (two separate modes).

    If you are afraid to lose you shouldn't play pvp games, in any fair game the base winrate is about 50% and varies if you are more prepared/skilled/experienced that your opponent. Every time you start to pvp, expect to lose most fights until you A) reach your appropiate rank or B) get better at the game (in every aspect including level).

    The divisions sort people without problems if the decline rate is not an issue (as I explained in my last post) and personally I find wrong that not endgame players can get to the top of a unrestricted (the key word) pvp mode.
    Remember that Maguss is in open beta and there are no limited pvp formats yet, you can't force those to the actual global unrestricted pvp

    (You can't pick low levels on purpose by any means except surrender a lot to rank down)

  • I kind of have to agree that punishing declines is not going to fix anything. I have been floating tin Tyro I division which is the third set of rankings and the level range is outright disgusting. I am Player Level 21 getting matched with people from 15 to the highest I have seen is 35.... I feel bad because I wipe the floor with people usually 2 levels below me and can 50/50 win at people ranging from 20/21/22, people higher then 22 it's an uphill struggle, and I would say about 26 and up wipe the floor with me.

    Here is the problem and I tried this out I did not hit decline once this afternoon and I got paired with so many people +10 levels higher than me it floored me down to Tyro II and then no one wanted to fight me cause I was a level 21 in a bracket primarily level 7 to 15.

    I had to struggle to find anyone to even accept a duel with me to get back into Tyro I.

    Maybe make it so we cannot go down in brackets to avoid this happening?

    Cause I'll be honest I am not dropping bracket again I will decline that level 32 guy all day long until I can actually fight someone that is in relatively the same experience range that I am.

  • People should be able to decline. Level 50 Vs 20 is not realistic. Also I have been thrown into duels while I was fighting creatures or walking around.

  • I think too that pairing in pvp need to be primary by lvl matching, not by tyro, and after finding player in "same" lvl then pair me with same tyro category.
    What i mean "same" lvl: people with same number of spell slots! If i am lvl18 then i want to fight with people from lvl15-lvl19 range. We all have then 5 spell slots, and this is good!

  • Global Moderator

    @greybow said in Are you all really Declining me?:

    I think too that pairing in pvp need to be primary by lvl matching, not by tyro, and after finding player in "same" lvl then pair me with same tyro category.
    What i mean "same" lvl: people with same number of spell slots! If i am lvl18 then i want to fight with people from lvl15-lvl19 range. We all have then 5 spell slots, and this is good!

    Hi, this suggestion was presented to devs already :)

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