More challenges!

  • Tou all know about the daily challenges..
    How about adding weekly challenges, and maybe even monthly challenges. With bigger rewards (maybe random loot of a predetermined quality)

    And when we have clans/guilds/brotherhoods (or whatever it will be called), there could eben be guild challanges where everyone in the guild pitches in and helps, and the guild share the rewards..

  • I like the idea, for sure the challenges need some change.

  • yep, challenges become boring and useless very soon. A weekly hard challenge that gives an item or a boost might be interesting

  • About the rewards.. how about not only giving gameplay stuff (weapons, armor, ingredients, gold and what not) but also cosmetics.. do challanges, get a reward that let you change color of your gear, change hair style and stuff like that. Cosmetics that are not available at the character creation.

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