Day 3 feedback: I wish combat was less grinding and more followable

  • So, I've been playing since Saturday, now up to level 6. Had my first duel today -- turns out you have to be Level 6, not 5, to duel. And I've fought a lot of monsters.

    Now, this game is the sort of game that I've wanted to see developed most of my life. Indeed, it's got the beginnings of the kind of game that I had hoped Ingress would be. I'm a software engineer myself, so I know what it is like to be in alpha and to have customers kibitzing on not-yet-done stuff, so I'm definitely trying to temper my expectations. But there's a few aspects of combat that I hope could be revisited and revised because as it stands, combat is pretty boring.

    You have 10 seconds to trace 5 slots worth of spells. Up through level 6, I have only two gestures, so I have only two spells, one attack and one shield. The attack takes 2 slots, the shield takes 1. That means pretty much every turn I do 2 attacks and 1 shield. I usually don't do the shield because the device doesn't recognize me drawing a circle 9 times out of 10, but that's a bug level complaint. Even if it did recognize my circle, I'd be doing the same thing over and over and over.

    It doesn't matter what my opponent does. I only have that one response. So there's no tactics or anything, just hoping that my stats are better than my opponent's stats. It would help a lot if the low level character had a third symbol and access to a third spell, thereby allowing me to mix things up a bit. I assume more gestures are unlocked at higher levels, but I really think that third gesture should come around level 4, definitely level 5. It's become a pretty serious grind at this point.

    Now, if I could mix things up a bit, then it would matter what my opponent has done. But combat has no pauses in it. With practice, I'm sure I'd get better at recognizing the symbols representing various spells and tracking who got hit with what, but even with practice, to me, it's just way too fast as it stands. Your animations FLY past way to quick for me to spot. It's not just more than I can take in right now, it's more than I want to take in.

    I'd like at least a bit of a pause between rounds to think about what to do next. As it stands, combat is going to end up as all shoot 'em up and no strategy. It takes a bit of time to do analysis to even think of the next spell. I'm not asking for much, but a 2 second pause between rounds would help A LOT.

    I'm an older player, and maybe I'm not your target audience, but I reallllly want to be in your target audience. I've spent decades trying to build this high tech world of ours so that someday I could really be a computer wizard. :-) But I'm not sure I can keep up if combat stays so high pace.

    So that's my feedback:
    a) Give low-end players some options so they aren't grinding and getting bored.
    b) Slow combat animations and round transitions just a bit so they're easier to follow.
    c) Fix the bug with recognizing circles. Every other gesture works great (I did some brewing this weekend, too).

  • Would like to point out that you can purchase spells to have variation even with 2 slots. By level 5, one should have amassed enough wealth via Chests/Sales/PVE battles to buy an extra spell or two (I got a healing spell first to last longer and avoid having to spend on health potions, thereby helping me save more $$).

    I agree with the second point, i guess we just have to be quicker or familiarise ourselves better. One tip, the battle log is at the bottom. Read it for more accurate descriptions. The animations sometimes Zoom by/get fast forwarded when there is connection lag.

    Third point, I'm facing it too. sometimes i get it easily, sometimes not. Same for the 3rd glyph sign. LOL!

  • @aristos

    Hi Aristios and welcome to the testing crew.

    Once you hit ten, and you can view this by examining your character via the Summary icon, you will get a third slot. It will open up a whole world of strategy. Even with two you can get creative if you branch out into the dark arts, though I am not overly found of that area myself.

    The symbol recognition improves a bit I have found when I turn off the auto landscape mode on my phone. Also, practice the spell glyphs in the spell practice area. That helps too.

    The combat is quick though I have found that the more I play, you get used to how fast it is as well as get better at predicting your opponent a little.

    Be sure to check the Broken Spell notice in the tavern. It gives a list of current testers that exploit known broken spells. Duel them and the experience will be less than exciting.

    Again, welcome and keep it sparky!

  • @tc4237 said in Day 3 feedback: I wish combat was less grinding and more followable:

    Would like to point out that you can purchase spells to have variation even with 2 slots.

    Can I change out spells during combat somehow? I do have more than two spells, but for any given combat, it's the same pattern over and over. And, honestly, I've found one pattern that is so superior to any other that I've seen, if this were not Alpha, I'd be using that one pattern in pretty much every combat. Switching out spellbooks during combat would help a lot!

  • @aristos

    During combat, not at this time. It would be a coding nightmare. Between combat, sure. I do it all the time. I watch the trends of other magi and adapt as much as I can with the slots that I have.

    Keep in mind, growth over time is important. A young apprentice is not expected to combat a rock troll on the first day. Zap clay pots and patch up a knee scrape yes.

    Keeping it sparky!

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