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    I really wanted to update my opinion on this subject but felt it would be a little spammy to just make another thread entirely.

    So here we go!

    I still think the rank gain / loss change is needed, see below for the chart of winning vs. loosing. The scaling of the gain / loss would be a good discussion to extrapolate upon. This level should be based off of Skill Level so add up your level in Dark Arts + Sorcery + Charms + Invocation to get your Skill Level. Thanks @Antony-Hollinsworth for the suggestion!

    To add I think even if you loose a duel you should get some Competitive points for being part of the duel and not declining. 'Cause as @Coto013 said there is still no real incentive to not decline. So if that implementation of ranking gain / loss plus even if you loose you still gain some Competitive points, there is not real reason to decline your really only going to loose ranking to a person of = player level to you or lower. By that same respect its encouraging you to take on tougher opponents to gain more out of the duel. This in turn will help to level 50 players get to the right Ranking brackets so they arent facing level 15 players.

    Health is another thing that has irked me about dueling. The game should want to foster and encourage PvP interactions and loosing health after a duel is kind of counter intuitive of that mindset, have to scrounge up materials to make potions or buying them outright. Why not just bring us back to the Health we went into the duel with?

    Old Post:

    Currently I am seeing everyone is up in arms about people declining PvP Duels but are we asking why are they declining them? People are declining duels based on the perception that the person they are facing is too strong or higher level than they are and they will loose rank points.

    Now most people admit including myself that we decline many duels because we are paired with people much higher level than us..... And lets be honest here in terms of game design even a person 1 Player level higher definitely have more Skill Levels as well.

    How can we fix this?

    Punish people for declining? Well that could help but that is more of a band-aiding the symptom rather then fixing the cause.

    I propose we change how ranking is earned/lost kind of something like this:

    Win a Duel against a player +1 or more of your current level +15 ranking
    Win a Duel against a player = to your current level +10 ranking
    Win a Duel against a player -1 or more of your current level +5 ranking

    Lose a Duel against a player +1 or more of your current level -5 ranking
    Lose a Duel against a player = to your current level -10 ranking
    Lose a Duel against a player -1 or more of your current level -15 ranking

    This way people are declining less because it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did before to lose to that player that is 5 or more player levels higher than you.

    This is just my take on the current status of the system, what do you guys think?

  • The part about skill levels is not always correct I have gone up against a l17 player that had access to tier 10 sorcery. Spell skill is based on how you train your spell skill Vs fast leveling

  • To give an example of what I mean I have a player level of 20, yet my Skill levels are: 15 Dark Arts, 29 Sorcery, 27 Charms, and 9 Invocation. I have had Tier VI in sorcery unlocked since about Player Level 15, and man very close to unlocking Tier VII.

    My Player Level is 20.

    Yet my Skills in the Schools of Magic amount to 80.

    Not only are you leveling up your Player but also your Skills.

    So yes in the time it takes you to go up One Player Level, you most likely Increased Your Skill Levels a few times.

  • @theeo
    I don't see how these changes fix declines or the ranking. In any global ranking the players in top ranks are the ones who are at least near endgame, if low level people fight a lot with these changes they will get to top ranks just like the high levels and there the will only accept duels against the low levels (just like now). No matter the bonus points, most people don't accept a duel with +15 levels of difference

    A player with level 10-15 that already have experience, can easily win against players up to level 20 that are bad at pvp making him climb fast. If many players like this get more points the top rank population is going to be divided between low level pvp and high level pvp (that don't fight each other) making declines even worse than now

  • Just updated the post with the help of some constructive critisim from @Coto013 and @Antony-Hollinsworth

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