• Can someone explain to me why a healing nerf is needed?

    I kind of enjoy the long drawn out fights and really my healing spells are the only thing I have against people much higher than my level to give myself a chance.

    As well I think players have to understand we are playing the early game right now.... Many people are Under level 25, myself included, and things aren't going to be balanced at these levels and its kind of the point for us to struggle and learn to compensate so as we grow and gain skill points our experiences temper us into actual battle magi.

    So having the lack of concentration and us missing buffs and heals is OK at lower levels cause we don't have the skill points in the right places yet.

  • @theeo
    There are many people who is already at mid/end game besides in most games the pvp balance is reached at mid/end game too.
    Healing nerf is something that players are asking for because some classes can't deal enough damage to beat the heal amount (the heal formula supposedly is emp*power/10). As a rogue I can get up to ~60 emp at level 50 (without depending on rng), the damage I deal to a def paladin is usually not enough considering that they can heal more than 80hp per slot with low heat cost. There are heal debuffs but those are easy to dispell so they aren't a real counter.

    Summarizing: many people go to pvp with low emp classes, they can't kill their opponent no matter what they do but their opponent can.
    The only option left is extract life force.

  • Ahh ok that makes sense. At end game is there really that large of a difference in stats? Or is it just the difference in spell dispersion?

  • @theeo There really is a big difference in stats. Take for example the stats of a max level paladin vs warden, both having added max amount of empower (not including potions or armor, which should be similar).

    Warden: 20 empower
    Paladin: 40 empower

    Literally Paladins have twice as much damage and healing, although that ratio gets watered down a lot when both have an additional 30-50 empower from items and potions.

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