[Clarification] Prismatic Burst

  • Looking for some clarification from the devs regarding the Warden Tier X Invocation spell Prismatic Burst. The description of the spell is:

    "Instantly damages your opponent, powered by the damage you've received during this cycle."

    In my testing, I have found that the spell has no power, so it is unaffected by Empower or Defense, and deals an amount of damage to the opponent equal to the damage received in the cycle at a 1:1 ratio.

    Is this the intended behavior for the spell? Based on the description, I thought that the damage taken would be used to set the spell power, but that does not appear to be the case.


  • @rollingcode this is taken from the post about spell

    Prismatic burst (WARDEN ONLY)
    tier 10
    req. skill lvl - 45
    5 slots
    8 heat
    targets enemy

    Instantly damages your opponent, powered by the damage you've received during the cycle.

    The Power of this spell is equal to the damage recieved so far during this cycle. Includes damage from Inflictions at the start of the cycle. Does not take into account damage done to self.

    so from the final description the damage you deal is equal to all the damage you take from any source.

  • @antony-hollinsworth That description specifically mentions Power, but in my testing that has turned out to mean Damage, and not Spell Power.

  • In my experience so far, power is not actually an exact component for the most part anyway. A spell with power 70 for example does not do 7/6ths of the damage of a spell that has 60 power. My estimation is that power is something made by the devs to show us players the approximate power of a spell, based off the actual formula.

    Hence, while it does mention "powering" that isn't an actual concept in the calculations, so it means damage. (Although I would've assumed it to be raw damage...)

  • @aezora Spell Power linearly affects Healing spells, following the formula:

    Healing = Spell Power * Empower / 10

    I would think that Damage would follow a similar formula, but I don't have enough data to say what it is exactly. My hypothesis is something like:

    Damage = Spell Power * (Empower / Opp. Defense) / 10

    But in the case of Prismatic Burst, it does not scale at all with Giant's Strength when I tested it.

  • @rollingcode Yes, as I said, for the most part they aren't exact. Healing spells are the only spells I have tested that show an exact relation to the spell power. Others are only relatively similar. For example, I tested a fully powered trick and an enlightened strike on the same creature with my paladin back at around level 11 or 12. The trick, with a supposed 60 power, did 89 damage, while the enlightened strike with 70 power, did about 112. If you compare them based off of spell power, then the trick should either have done 7 more damage, or the enlightened strike should deal about 8 less. Math wise, since both were against the same monster, with the same defense, it ends up canceling out no matter how it is involved in the formula (i.e. linearly such as minus defense, or relatively, such as divided by defense or a fraction of defense.).

    Thus, I conclude that spells act differently, and spell power is used to make it easier for players to understand the relative damage different spells have.

  • @aezora Good to know, I'll have to do some more testing with spell damage against known quantities to dive deeper into the damage formula.

  • My guess for the damage formula might be along the lines of

    Spell power x (Empower / Defence x 10)/10

    but until I can be bothered to make an new account and start to lvl it its anyone's guess...

  • The formula with the /10 can't be the right one. A paladin DF (with giants strength buff) hit me for +100 damage against 43 defense. 50 * emp /43 /10 = 100 -> emp = 100 /50 *43 *10 = 860 something imposible.

    SP * emp /def may be the right one. I remember fighting against a monster and dealing damage equal to spellpower and after a % buff the damage increased by almost the same %. Something similar happened to me taking the damage; a drain HP tick did 10 damage to me without buff and 15 after the +50% emp giants strength buff (same def against both hits)

  • I did some testing Vs some mobs and damage buffs would appear to be added at the end, also based on the calc I posted earlier monsters seem to have a higher defence against direct damage Vs DoT. But my calc could be very wrong but does seem to work and give the same monster defence for similar types of attack ie direct damage all gave the same defence even after empower was buffed.

  • @antony-hollinsworth said in [Clarification] Prismatic Burst:

    Spell power x (Empower / Defence x 10)/10

    Is equal to: SP * emp/def (the *10 and /10 cancel each other)
    In my older post I was talking about the /10 in the SP * (emp /def )/10

  • SP X ((Emp/Def) X 10)/10

    Need to do the sum in ( ) first, gets all very confusing lol

  • @Antony-Hollinsworth
    Isn't '/' for division?

    X/Y = X * (1/Y) and F*(G * J) = (F * G) * J
    so (A * B)/C = A * (B/C)

    example: (157 * 238)/513 = (37366)/513 = ~72.8 = 157*(~0.46) = 157*(238/513)

    SP * ((emp /def) * 10) / 10 = SP * emp / def * 10 / 10
    [SP * emp * (1/def) * 10 * (1/10)] ---> SP * emp * (1/def) OR SP * emp/def

  • @coto013

    Yer. See what you mean

    SP*(EMP/DEF*10)/10 = damage

    10*(30/20*10)/10 = 15

    Is the same as


    But it would appear that they game likes to multiply and divide things by 10, as someone pointed out that heal was SP*EMP/10

    Perhaps there's another part of he sum were still missing.

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