Maguss Review and some Suggestions

  • Yes I know the Maguss team is doing the best they can, but I am reviewing the game as if they released the final product to the public! Please read understanding this!

  • Points after reading:

    a) Though full version will not be released, open beta is planned for October. Not sure how the general audience will react to an unfinished beta version being available for play. To date, there also hasn't been any information on how Devs plan to battle bots and hackers. (Perhaps make it $0.10 to $1 for an account to deter hacking and losing one's account?)

    b) Signing in via Facebook works. I've used it for registration and currently am using it as my sign in method. Im on Android though, so not sure if its a platform (iOS) thing.

    c) Agreed on the point where text are either unfinished or cut off. Though it doesn't affect game mechanics and they've held this off to reduce double/additional work, as you've pointed out, it will affect a new player's initial perception of the game and may affect how long they will stick to this game. Would suggest Devs clean this part up before releasing to general public. (AFAIK, presently Devs are working on Creature's Descriptions)

    d) Agreed on the part where a tutorial is necessary. Devs have responded that one would be made closer to release.

    e) Regarding the recipe going to inventory instead of the crafting screen directly, your feedback is on point. Why i think it was made like this is because of "trading" - a feature to be implemented in future where players can trade with each other. If this is true, then it would be better to, instead, have an indicator of how many of such items one already have in their inventory, and in future, vault. This should apply to all items (especially beans, potions, keys and herbs), not just recipes.

    • an idea - maybe recipes and spells can be re-bought to upgrade spell/potion level/effectiveness (by a slight amount).

  • @zacari

    An honest review. Many of the things you point out are on the list of bugs that can be found here. This is a alpha and as such a bit limited. It is however a great start by a handful of individuals working on a 10th of the funding a B level title might have. Also, the Alpha 2.0 section of the forums has a good deal of the "how to" mixed in with it. 😊

    Having said that, yes it does have some issues in lots of places. That is what this forum and the testing team is for. 😊 I wrote a similar piece here called "If it was me".

    Keep it sparky!

  • @tc4237

    I agree with everything you said pretty much! I read my blog post again and I realized there are some things I could've reworded, but I appreciate your thorough response! Like I said, I am really excited for this game and I want it to do well! So I tried to cover as many problems as I could! I'm figure them out and the more I do figure out the more I enjoy it! 😄

    About the Facebook thing, I still can't figure out why it wouldn't let me use it to login. Maybe I am missing something. Oh well haha

  • @robynoakwise

    I want to read your piece!

    And because it's still in testing I tried to mention every bug I could find so the Devs can polish the game for public release! I'm super excited though because they have came a long way! 😄

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