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  • The game have the best potential amongst every AR game and every mmo game on mobile terminals.
    I have played pokemon Go. Draconius Go and many others, but in the end you only play to have exact same pokemons with every other player there is 0 differenciation. Now that's why mmo genre shines over it. There is no god class everything is counterable, the fact to have set gears is great .

    As a matter of fact, the team works through bugs which should be no 1 goal for any game instead of stacking elements on a bad base. When these bugs will be best fixed I propose something (that has been proposed on this forum) :

    sets and gear have one stat bonus each. Why not have % prefix/suffix stats and overall extremely unique ones (example : wand with 15 empower and 5% chance of lifestealing opponent ). Number of stats should be scaled with gear rarity. common gear 1 stat legendary up to maybe 4 or 5. with no possibility of rerolling stats (since its not p2w at all !).

    Cant wait for raid feats since im more of a coop player but again would it be possible to play raids if im the only maguss player in my small town ? would be great if we could play with random players :)

    Finally in years of gaming. Maguss team is great. It is maybe one of the only teams that listens to its players. Please do not change even if this becomes as big if not bigger than pokemon go. Business model is awesome as it is.

  • Oh another thing for the shop :

    Some players made mistakes by allocating wrong stat points. Should it be possible to reset stat allocation throught a shop items with gems (preferably than gold) ? and an item to change appearance again ?

    I am willing to wait even a year for this haha. Most important thing is to fix bugs (delays , pvp glitches, screen freezings, rune drawing glitches ...) so yeah for rune drawings having to remember
    10 drawings is a lot for some of us maybe add a reminder section in combat like a tab menu will prevent us to draw runes on paper and keep on seeing them in combat lmao).

  • So, just as a note, in developing big additions (dungeons, raids, etc), there are going to be a lot of bugs. As well, many previous bugs will be fixed. So, I suspect they will - and I hope they do - only fix the major bugs before moving on with additions, until all planned additions are added.

  • Be Patience especially when it involves PVP, fixing and balancing issues always takes alot of work and time! Keep our suggestions coming and support them by watching ads!

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    Thank you for your support and kind words :) The Equipment overhaul ideas were already presented to devs.

  • @lilithian you are welcome yep thanks btw I am Zeria in discord ^_^ thank you and all maguss team for the great work

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