• In games like this there are quests not the daily quest like kill A or Gather B but a quest tree where you do many tasks to get a certain item, spell or potion recipes.

    I would like to see instead of some potions or spells being bought that you have I quest to unlock.

    The same go's for equipment for each class or a ability to improve the quality of the equipment.

  • The idea is good - just please don't make two posts about it. Thanks.

  • I like this ide as it also gives you something to aim for rather then just grind everything. Sure there is the dailys but it's not the same feeling. There are some ways to do this.

    as mentioned the quest tree for different specialisations. for example having a hunting tree where you have killing monster focus quests. Having a gathering/crafting tree for crafting focus quests and so on. This would add to the game not feeling that you do the same thing over and over again (even if you are)

    Could also add random quest givers on the map that once interacted with you need to do something like killing a specific monster type, gather specific materials, escort the NPC to a specific location (could be hard to implement so the quest destination is not on private property and such) once done you need to (return?) talk to the quest giver for rewards.

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