Removing missing your own buffs and heals

  • I don't think that removing missing your own buffs and heals is going to help the game balance. It may be frustrating at the start, but i think that not having a base 100% hit rate is a nice design choice.

    Maguss encourages the player to go offensive, making the offensive stats emp and con serve multiple purposes (emp boost both damage and heal amount and con affects the hit chance of damage and heal spells). This encouragement makes the game unique and dynamic, the battles are less plain and more interactive thanks to the surprise factor and they tend to be shorter too (nobody likes to spend hours fighing the same thing or stuck in mindless farming).
    If only concentration stat gets nerfed, empower as the other offensive stat is going to serve both offensive and defensive purposes making it twice as valuable. This might affect the balance between defense and evasion because the players are going to spend less points in concentration because is weaker making evasion more valuable.

    Even if the current gameplay may change because Maguss is in beta phase, that don't make it right to just ignore it. Right now rogues are the weakest class and the one who will suffer this change the most. The heals are at the core of the pvp meta so removing the effect of concentration on heals won't help either.
    The stats that need to be reworked are crit and crit empower. Those two are offensive stats too but don't provide any bonus at all to defense, if they affect the heals (for example) they would be less ignored. All inflictions (mainly dark arts, the focus of the weakest and high crit class) ticks can't crit and already are in a very bad position because safespace and bark skin. Even if someone invest in critical chance just for the damage, they will ignore critical empower because the benefit is just too low (with 33% crit 3 crit emp gives the same average benefit than 1 emp and only for damage)

  • @lilithian said in Maguss March Roadmap:

    Maguss March Roadmap
    ...removing missing your own buffs and heals...

  • I agree with you, the chance to miss of healing spells adds a great surprise effect in the duels, in my opinion.
    I won, and lost, many duels at the last moment thanks to this feature.
    In addition, I faced lots of people that could heal more than the damage I did. If the heal never misses there's no point in continue a duel like that.

    Yes, it could be frustrating sometimes, but, thinking also at the setting of the game, nobody said that becoming a wizard would not be frustrating u.u ahahah

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    @coto013 We will see how it works but we believe it will be better. We have made many balance changes to spells too so you should wait until those are in game and then see. We really appreciate your feedback, as always very informative :)

  • @maguss said in Removing missing your own buffs and heals:
    We will see how it works but we believe it will be better. We have made many balance changes to spells too so you should wait until those are in game and then see.

    Any idea on when we get to see these changes.

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    @antony-hollinsworth next balance update will come in about two weeks

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