Useless spells in Maguss

  • I made this post asking for some changes to some spells that in my opinion have little to no use in the game (It's hard to see anyone using them and almost imposible for them to be a better option than some other spell in the same circunstances).

    The spells that I think that are useless in maguss are just 6:

    1)Essence leech: the total power is just so low that it never justifies the 3 slots required for casting. 4 instances (direct hit + 3 ticks) of 8 power is not enough compared to every other infliction total power (poison 1 slot/50 power, creeping death 3 slots/85 power, drain hp 2 slots/60 power, crushing void 2 slots/150 power)

    2)Spirit daggers: the base power is awful and getting only 20 additional power per sorcery casted by the opponent is not enough. In most cases no player cast more than two sorceries per turn, making spirit daggers a worse energetic strike. I propose that the additional power is given per slot of sorcery used by opponent (and not per spell)

    3)Morph: I've never player a high empower class, but at endgame with +60 emp i can't see how skipping a turn and getting 6 heat justifies gaining 20% lifesteal for two turns. If my damage capabilities are high enough to make the heal worth it (lets say 500 damage per cycle for 100heal), I would prefer just finishing the opponent in less turns. If my damage isn't high enough for a decent heal, using a heal and some other spell instead of wasting a turn is better.

    4)Divinity: As a last resort is bad, the 5 slots needed to cast this spell makes it come usually late. Cooling of to 0 heat for the last turn alive is right but not enough. The only situation where this spell worth the use is if the opponent have some dot effect that can kill him (and your direct damage can't) and he can't heal enough in that turn (very unlikely thanks to cleanse removing debuffs and bark skin mitigating most dot damage). I propose that divinity last more turns (so you can benefit for the damage/debuff immunity more) and/or has some sort of damage boost.

    5)Living shadow: Skipping a turn and gaining 8 heat for some minor stat buffs don't worth it. Using that turn and heat for any other spell is a better choice. Maybe if it buff a lot some stats and debuff the others it can more useful (deal twice damage but take double) but there are already spells that improve damage. Another choice for changing it to be more useful may be improving the duration, but I'm not sure if it will be balanced after that.

    6)Immunity: This spell is a mix between cleanse and willpower with the downside that is worse than having both of them casted. The only reason for not using willpower+cleanse instead of immunity is the deck slots.

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    @coto013 Thank you for input, love to see the explanations behind each decision. This is the kind feedback we are looking for!

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