Maguss need quest or goal to keep me playing!

  • Hello! I have been playing a week of Maguss, progress are starting to slow down or maybe I got busier lately.

    Currently Level 22, I start to lose interest in the daily slaying and picking up herbs. But I still make sure I watch the ads to get my tokens!

    I have been thinking about how the game reward vs grinding for an item.
    Loots drops from slaying monster randomly or visiting the equipment shop.
    But I remember in another MMORPG Guild Wars, I need to farm impossible crafting items to craft an epic weapon. Many mobile games base their loot on a Random number generated (RNG) system and it can be frustrating at times when you spend dust/diamonds yet to only be given lower level items due to 'bad' luck.

    On the other hand, a grinding system may be more rewarding in such cases.
    Especially want it compliments the gameplay and style.
    Let me explain.

    Below is an idea on Crafting your weapon. Instead of slaying high level monster and hope for random loot to drop. Players find/buy/hunt for blueprints for crafting a specific wand.
    The blueprint will require players to collect certain items and fulfil requirements in order to craft it.
    Example: Collect X herb/flower
    Kill X monster to collect their essence.
    Require X Potions
    or maybe even require you to unlock certain spells in Dark Arts, etc.

    Doing so will give me a quest or at least something I can look forward to knowing that at the end of a week of playing, I have a goal/ objective and if I work hard I can acquire it and not based off my luck. What do you think?

  • @trustin-neo
    First of all, Maguss is not a p2w and spending premium currency never gives you anything over a f2p player (the most "unfair" thing is a droprate boost).
    Keep in mind Maguss is on beta phase and that many of the features you mention are going to be implemented in future updates. Even with the current state of the game, your character has a lot of room for improvement, you are not near the level cap and because I can say that your current drop rate isn't that low

  • Global Moderator

    @Trustin-Neo Crafting is actually already a concept :) I think you will be satisfied with it ;)

  • @lilithian can't wait for it :O

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