Gallery with trophies of beaten monsters

  • Maguss is sureley fun, but may lack a little bit of motivation in a long term.

    So I speculated why PoGO is still entertaining, although it's actually quite a simple game and miles away from the depth and variety Maguss has to offer.

    The answer could be: because almost everyone loves to hunt and collect. I think the fact that I can catch and collect a lot of different Pokemons keeps up the motivation. Because you want to collect them ALL , and you're always curious what comes next with a new generation.

    Maybe a similar concept would also be appropriate for Maguss. For example with an integrated gallery where I can see all the different monsters I beat in battles (with some additional information like the fewest and most cycles of those battles, the amount of battles won against certain monsters etc.). If winning a certain amount of battles additional artwork for a monster could be unlocked.

    Of course it would be great, if there would be more or different monsters after a while. And maybe some very special monsters which only can be seen for a short period (maybe only around midnight).

    I think this would be more fun (and therefore motivation) than just buying monster packs to meet new opponents and see additional artwork.

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    I think you are right, we are already working on Beasts - raid-like-bosses - which should be implemented together with Bestiary and which you will need to defeat to collect their body parts to use for crafting. But we also need to find something for normal creatures - some purpose other than XP and Loot. Thanks for feedback

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  • I like this idea. I wrote the same on a Feedback through the game. It would be nice if groups of killed monsters of the same type gave some extra info in the bestiary and of course the more you bestiary (or general diary) gets completed you gain exploration xp. The more you kill the more expert you become.
    1 Goblin: You open the "Goblin" page,
    10 Goblins: You now know that Goblins have these spells, and X hp,
    20 Goblins: Stats and drop
    50 Goblins: a brief story page on the origins, how they are seen from everyone, why we kill them (yes I know they are Goblins) etc.

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