Experience report for playing with 64kbits/s

  • I only have 2GB of fast internet (download max 2MBit/s, upload: max 1MBit/s) per month after using that i'm stuck with 64kbits/s up- and download. Here's a list of things that i encountered while using slow internet for a few days. Keep in mind that these things might have nothing to do with my slow bit rate and i just happened to come across them during my slow internet period.

    1) Login
    With my fast internet the game automatically logs me in pretty fast after opening the app. With my slow connection the first login upon opening the app usually fails and I start at the Login page. There i press Login and it usually logs me in at the first try there, although way slower than with my fast connection. Sometimes however it takes a few attempts to log in. And on a few occasions it was impossible to log in and i could only log back in when I connected to wifi.

    2) Reappearance of the monster i just fought
    Sometimes after defeating a monster it does not disappear from the map. and when i click on this monster again and start the battle it get's either stuck on the battle loading screen or on turn 1 with the eternal hourglass.

    3) This strange non-message
    It appears at random and can be clicked away. Sometimes it appears around 3 times in quick succession. I could not make out what it does.

    4) Instant win
    This only happened once and was pretty strange.

    5) Movement tracking
    The movement tracking is noticeably slower and almost impossible when in public transport, walking around still works proper.

    All in all once you manage to log in the game is still quite playable. And i still enjoyed and enjoy playing Maguss. Keep up the good work (:

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    Thank you for the report :) Low-speed mobile internet is something to be researched. Devs are trying to optimise the game at the moment, so it doesn't use up so much data.

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