Different chests should have different colors.

  • I just received 12 inches of snow around my house. So I can't go get this chest. 0_1520541527562_Screenshot_20180308-153621.png

    I almost summoned it to me, but I don't know what kind of chest it is. We should see what kind it is here. If they are all the same color. 0_1520541621917_Screenshot_20180308-153612.png

  • it depends on your explorations level, I can get the common and the Unique as I only have exploration skill of 12.

    when you summon chests the DM cost increase the better the chest. so to summon a common it costs 4 and unique costs 5.

    and yes some way to identify them would be nice even if it just said so on the summon chest screen.

  • every chest level has a unique design and some difference in colors too. Your asking for something that's already in place. You need to be at least lev 10 in exploration to start finding the second type. You will see it is different.

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