[Suggestion] Spell sets

  • I'd like to test some different spell sets, i.e. an infliction build or some more defense orientated builds (I'm a Warden). But most of the time I'm too lazy to switch all the spells currently selected, test the build and switch all spells back to my regular spell set.

    My suggestion is that we can have two different spell sets that can easily be switched between. Maybe these sets include different equipment too (i.e. switch rings between heal emp and infliction emp).

    Testing different builds would be a lot easier. Also you could change between the sets before attacking a monster you know your current skill set is ineffective against. Or switch between pve and pvp build. Or later - when we gets dungeons - me as a Warden can switch between my regular pvp/pve build and a full defense raid build on the fly.

  • Oh, I see that is already in the list of suggestions as:

    Armory - The ability to define equipment sets and spell decks as a quick change. Allowing to predefine your PVP/PVE sets and swap them quickly.

    My fault :D

  • Oh, there is it. Good idea, me started a new topic too on this suggestion, but now see it is already writen. Hope will take place someday.

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