[BUG] Tier VIII Spellbook

  • I found the Tier VIII Spellbook, How to Pick Pockets, text says "Gain additional Gold when banishing creatures."

    I compared with others on discord how much gold they got from defeating creature and found that I was not receiving any additional gold when defeating creatures.

    I think this item is not working, or the description refers to something, banishing, that is not yet in the game.0_1520672702943_Screenshot_20180309-234910.png

  • @Maguss Any idea why my spellbook is not working? Was stoked to get a rare drop and totally let down that it does nothing right now.

  • Devs are fixing major issues right now, be patient and don't do multiple posts about the same issue.

  • Global Moderator

    Some game mechanics aren't working yet. They will be fixed, be sure to keep the book ;)

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