Alpha key question

  • Sorry to be a bother, but I got an email from "Maguss IVS" inviting me to test flight which points me to an apple app page. I bought the alpha key earlier today (10 a.m. MST American), but indicated that I have an Android phone. Is this the key I need? If so can can I get the Android version please? Little confused on this. Thank you for your assistance!

  • This Test fight email is sent to both android and iOS users. Its use is for iOS and Android -> iOS converts to download the app since its not available on Apple store currently.

    Android users can ignore this 1st mail since we can download it from play store anytime.

    Another e-mail, containing the key, will be sent. When it will be sent depends on which "selection": 24 hours (the more expensive option) or September ($16 option).

    • If you've selected the 24 hour option, you should receive the 2nd mail within 24 hours.
    • If you've selected the September option, you'll likely receive it on the 1-2 september.

    Either way, if you do not receive by the stipulated date, do give them a message on FB.

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