Quiet Nerfs? Or Potential Bugs?

  • First of all thanks for taking the time to read!

    Issue 1:
    So as time has progressed I have noticed the behavior of Aroma Potions has changed. About a week ago it would attract any creature of appropriate level to me pretty much within viewing distance, now it only attracting 5-7 creatures and I am currently starring at 3 mobs that have not been triggered to attract to me.

    I have done some trouble shooting, restarted the app, waited until my Aroma Potion wore off and all the mobs reset, piped another Aroma pot and again it only attracted so many and left a handful unaffected. Different creatures this time though.

    Is this an intended change we were not made aware of, or is it a bug that needs to be brought to light?

    Issue 2:
    I broke the threshold of the supposed loot lock to be able to get mint and legendary items, and on that first day got 3 mints and a Legendary, since that day, once again about a week ago, I have not seen a excellent, mint or legendary.

    Bad luck, intended change, or bug?

    If either of these were intended could it be possible to get a stickied thread of changes that are made that direct impact the player and their interactions within the game?

    Again thanks a bunch for reading and making such a wonderful game. I am about to hit 30 and having a blast doing it! Keep up the awesome work guys!


  • @theeo I have noticed the loot drops seem to have gone down this week and iv been using a luck booster. Usually I get at least 2 or 3 drops per day (with the booster) and now Im lucky if i get even 1 of any quality and im level 50.

  • @Antony-Hollinsworth yeah I used to get a loot drops frequently without the booster then when used loot was droping ever other mob. If rates and other things are being changed like this it would be really nice if they were transparent about it.

  • Never got good loots. Even with Luck Buff I always got one lvl 1, poor, piece. And the only monster dropping for me are the wolves. Of course I beat the others too.

  • @oceanborn drop chance gets lower with higher tiers. Tier I drop chance is 22%, Tier X drop chance is close to 1%. Just keep trying or wait for next patch hoping for an increase on drop chance :)

  • I’m at 11, and have rarely seen items dropped by monsters. Having a low drop rate does make the game more challenging.

  • It's not a bad thing if mint, and legendary itens are very rare, but when its too hard to find a good set for your tier it's bad. I think that the drop rate at higher tiers should be higher but the high quality itens should drop at the same rate it is now.

  • Reply to you Issue 1:
    Aroma Potion only attracs low tier monsters (i think max lvl 5 mobs)
    if i am right, and u are higher level now since the week you mentioned where they got attracted, then you need the Allure Potion to attract hight tier monsters.

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