Guide: How to be an Alpha/Beta Tester

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    1. ALWAYS respect and adhere to the NDA/TOS you signed.
    2. Be an active participant and not a sideline watcher. The point of a beta test is to find bugs/issues that affect the pre-release device.
    3. Read bug list before posting bugs or issues, as what you have found may have already been reported. If you want add your 2 cents to the thread, but don’t start a new post as it makes it hard for the Devs to wade through all the posts to find new issues.
    4. Join in on any discussion that is taking place.
    5. If you have a suggestion, please let it be known.
    6. Perform any tasks that given to you by the project manager.
    7. No matter how small of an issue you come across please report it.
    8. Think of the app you are testing like you just bought it from the store. Would you return it because there are problems or issues? This is the information that the beta team needs to know.
    9. Have fun doing it, you may be rewarded handsomely!!

    Experienced Beta Testers, please add your Advice in the comments below

    [From Pastymage]
    This is already implied in the Rules thread, but it bears repeating-

    In order for a bug report to be useful, it needs to contain as much relevant description as possible. Your device model, your OS version, and the app version are all relevant (possibly crucial), but if the description isn't sufficient, all you're giving is a data point that says "has problems", which doesn't help anyone fixthem.

    Bad: "App doesn't work."

    Bad: "App crashes."

    A developer's best chance to fix a bug is to catch it happening on their own device/emulator, so they can look at the internal states and try to find what's gone awry. They can only do that if you tell them exactly what you did, and exactly what isn't happening the way you'd expect/prefer. Any time you have an issue, before posting it, you should try doing the exact same things in the same order and see if it happens again. Still report the bug either way, but include whether it happened again or not (this is called "reproducible", because you can "produce" the bug reliably).

    Good: "When I try to activate the purple icon (by tapping it), nothing happens. Same behavior after restart, same behavior after uninstall and reinstall."

    Good (but not reproducible): "Sold some garlic and didn't receive any money. Sold other things later (including garlic) and it's working normally. Garlic came from 71.23242,-21.29182, around 5:30 am GMT - bugged sale happened around 6:10 am GMT, in case any of that's relevant?"

    Good: "When I try to bring up the settings menu the first time after opening the app, all the entries are backwards. Looks normal after I try again though. Same cycle after closing and reopening, backwards first, then normal after."

    Good: "Including a lowercase 'u' anywhere in the nickname for a newly researched spell causes the app to instantly close, with no error message (tried "Blub", "Kwung", "up"). Works fine for nicknames without lowercase 'u' (tried "Shoe","Hat", "Uber"). Existing nicknames (even ones with 'u' that caused crashes) appear to work normally after restarting app."

    P.S. When the official account posts comments saying "we know" and "be patient", even after asking you to tell them about problems, they're just feeling stressed - having other people find problems in your work is embarrassing, even though it's inevitable! They'll figure out community management eventually, don't take it personally. But also don't expect bugs to be fixed on any particular schedule - crowdfunding makes things weird, in that we *have *paid, but this is not the product we paid for. Alpha/Beta access is not really a benefit, it's you volunteering your time to help get to the actual product more quickly, and make it better when it gets here. Be constructive, and yes, be patient. In the end, we'll get the app we want.

    Good Hunting!

    [From DarkFae]

    Something I also want to remind people of:

    A build can work perfectly in the smaller (and in this case, really small - Maguss is an indy mobile company) in-house testing environment, and then can blow up when it hits a wider audience. This is something that began to be particularly noticeable when MMOs (starting with Ultima Online, Everquest, and Furcadia - the first big three graphical massively multiplayer online platforms) became a thing back in 1998/1999, and it's true with any sort of game that goes from in-house to larger testing group; however, larger game houses have eliminated a lot of this from view by having a process of going from In-House to Closed Test Realm to some sort of larger Test Realm before presenting it to their Early Access features (for the more part, now a days. It used to just be an In-House > CTR > PTR process).

    So just try to keep in mind that in some cases, when Maguss pushes an update, they may have no idea that a bug exists because it doesn't exist until the code is put under a stress test, especially some things like Google's map API stuff and some of Unity's larger features. Sure, that makes things stressful, but it's literally been the name of the game for nearly two decades now.

    [Tereza Kulovaná from]

    How to be a good tester

    Purchasing alpha / beta access means you will become participants in voluntary testing. You have not purchased the finished game, many mechanics will be changed, modified, added and removed. After each release we will wipe (delete database) character progress, and if needed, even between the different versions. That’s why we're here. What you do will affect how great the game is in the future. Isn’t that what you deserve? You want to become a tester right!

    The following links are the basic equipment of each tester:


    How to record or capture screenshots:



    The following is some things to think about, not a manual, but more of a guide.

    A Good tester:

    Is active on the forums. Only reported problems can be fixed. It is a problem in the game, which you think would discourage an ordinary person from playing? Something that bothers you or is it just something that doesn’t work for you?

    They inform of the device, the version of the game, and the nature of the problem. Describe your problem in as much detailed as possible. What happened, when it happened, what should have happened, and why you think it happened. Please no "It's broken", or "it crashed", or "It will not work".

    Repeats problem situations, they are inquisitive and trying to determine the cause. Did you find a bug? Try to repeat it again to reveal what triggers it. When possible, feel free to attach screenshots or a short video to the message.

    They try rebooting. The easiest way to solve a problem, is to turn the game on and off. The second easiest way is to try to reinstall the game. With every new update, it is better to install the game again. The files can be corrupted when downloaded wrong, the game may get damaged during update. With each bug, re-installation is one of the first solutions that you should try.

    Do not spam emails or private messages to developers. Always first look at the forum and a list of known bugs, if others encountered anything similar. Write relevant then the fibers do not create unnecessary new. Save yourself time, moderators and developers. Maguss is a small team and more transparent for them to find a bug, the faster it will be repaired.

    They discuss and share their ideas. Think of why you play for fun, how can you make it more addictive? What would you add and change? Participate in every interesting discussion you can. Your opinion is being heard! The Maguss team is a small but very open community, they listen and consider player’s ideas and comments. The game is in an early stage of development and even your thoughts can influence the state of the game.

    They understands that it is not the complete game. The primary word in Tester's is test. Being a tester is not only a burden, it is a privilege to participate in something bigger. Playing a medium that is in development and the unpredictable online game, somethings cannot be tested in advance. For small internal testing, developers can think everything is all right. Once they launch the version, larger groups of people may find trouble in the code. Be calm and realize that not everything should be corrected immediately. Understand that we're here to help find and solve problems.

    They are considerate to the developers and the community. Developers are also just people. They must sleep, eat, spend time with their families, take care of their health, and from time to time all of this they neglect to work on the game. Be patient, have compassion for them. They find themselves under a wave of criticism, and that is always difficult, even when you ask for it.

    Be considerate as well as other community members. Explain, help with known problems, advise and do not keep the information to yourselves. Help people who get into the game later and learn about it only recently. Even on your approach depends on how the popular game may become.

    Politeness, helpfulness and cooperation are fundamental pillars of any community.

    Do not be too lazy to read and write English. You are involved in testing the game, which is in English, therefore the materials and information about it could be in a foreign language. You do not have to be a native speaker, you can help. Sometimes just Google Translate can help make the difference. We are here for you and you're here for the game.

    Filling bug reports using the dictionary is not as difficult as it might seem, and unlike school, here you can copy the text you want. The forums are people from all over the world with different levels of English. There is always someone willing to advise and explain unfamiliar phrases and abbreviations. Just ask.

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