Season 1 Ended?

  • Just opened the game today and it said Season 1 has ended? Why wasent there transparency on when the season ended? I would have worked more on getting the other two season illusions.... Just wow.



    Seems about 5 hours ago this happened would have loved to have more time to complete stuff bit it's great the devs acknowledged there was a problem... waiting 5 minutes for a duel just to get declined or being paired with someone 10 levels above you made it impossible to advance any further. And from what it says the rewards from this season will be available again.

  • More players = more pvp
    More players = that same lvl on pvp
    More players = less pvp decline

    Wait for more players.

    Regards ;)

  • a lot of the time ppl underestimate how good or bad there toon is by their level verses higher level. At Level 50 iv battled and lost to a player that was 11-14 levels lower than me its was close, My equipment was superior to theirs I just made a poor judgment on spells because of their lower level, My mistake and that's how it goes.

  • I'm still dont want fight with someone who have bigger lvl than me :D
    Im fighting only with similar, because lower lvl always decline (like me when i see higer lvl :D )

  • Within 3-4 lvl i never decline, even if my opponent higher, because i have chance to win too. Even if he/she has one more spell slot, but i dont like if my enemy have wider variety of spells during fight. So not only exactly same lvl battles winable.

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