Suggestions for changes in the equipment system

  • Hello.
    I would like to present my simplified version of the equipment in the game.
    I based the statistics values on existing ones, I wanted them to be similar.

    Main assumptions:
    At each level of equipment you have the chance to get the same type of bonus.
    The higher the level of equipment, the higher the bonus.
    More diversified inventory in the game.
    More possibilities to create an individual character build.

    Additional assumptions:
    You can create even more types of bonus, for example: monster exp, monster def or monster attack.
    Avoid from critical hits.

    Additional bonuses:
    Each part of the equipment will be part of a certain set.
    For collecting 3 or 4 parts of a set from the same level, the player will receive an additional bonus as before.
    Collecting such a bonus would be more difficult than before, because regardless of the level of equipment, we could draw a different set. Currently, a particular set belongs to a specific level of equipment.

    For example, you can draw armor with 3 different statistics, not one as before (for tier 1, 2, or 3 ...)


    Please comment! :)

  • very good idea. the game is more varied, each player will set his own game mode while selecting eq.

  • Exactly!

    Each player will be able to personalize his equipment more by choosing such elements that will be even better suited to his style of play and the character he chose.

    In addition, creating several sets that can be collected in several tiers (assuming that the set works only when it is the same tier), gives additional opportunities for players, encouraging them to play.

    Not to mention a huge plus when trading :)

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