A proposal to change the system of creating potions

  • Hello.

    I would like to suggest a change that will improve the system of creating potions.
    When we create a mixture we have a mini game. As everyone knows, it consists of catching golden bubbles, not catching greens.

    Let's introduce multi-colored bubbles. Their color would depend on the color of the ingredients we used. In addition, random bubbles with different colors will appear (this will simulate a dirty cauldron in which there are remains of old potions).

    By default, the appropriate bubbles would give us pros, and choosing a bubble with a bad color would give us a cons.

    Regards and invite you to the discussion.

  • I am colorblind myself and wonder if this would make brewing much more difficult for me.

  • it also can have special shapes in middle of bubble :)

  • administrators

    That is quite an interesting idea. First we want to make bubbles move more unpredictably and then we will see :)

  • Maybe there could be a probability that a bubble with a bad color would give us a new pro outcome....
    this would improve the "research" of new potions by mad alchemists :D

  • @Falkor

    I love the idea of research , that would be really cool !

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