A proposal to add new potions

  • Hello.

    I would like to suggest adding some new potions to the game.
    Potions that would work on the principle of pros and cons.

    For example:

    1. A mixture that gives us defense but removes us evasion.
    2. A mixture that gives us a chance to attack but subtracts its strength.
    3. A mixture increasing the critical hit, but reducing its chance.
    4. A mixture that will heal us during the fight, but it will lower our defense.

    Regards and invite you to the discussion.

  • @falkor I am not interested in taking and paying good gold for a potion that will not help me.

  • @luckychance so you did not understand the assumption of these mixtures. Each of these mixtures would raise one of the stats much more than the current potions, but in return would take away some of the other statistics as part of the balance.

    For example. You want to have a better chance of dodging, but you are able to sacrifice defense. So you use this mixture. Now it's even harder to hit you, but if someone hits, you'll get more damage than before.
    Something like a difference between character classes, but in the liquid.

    Now you have such differences. Your character fights better but you lose your defensive. You call it a character class.

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