Riding as a passenger, but I don't see any ingredients.

  • Yes. A speed cap on ingredients was added for the beta.

  • How come ?

  • Prob no speed cap in alpha because they needed ppl to test potion system, and it cost to get a key

  • No I mean how come they choose of all things to remove herbs :
    While I understand that this game has to have some walking elements, I don't understand why block the gathering and not say fights or pvp or crafting, other than all the others elements I cite can be done from your couch.

  • Go kill some creatures for money, if you want ingredients go walk around. I have too many ingredients atm. Plus idk why you sell ingredients? You make a lot more from making Potions plus you get up your Brewing Skill and Herblore Skill.

  • @titankratos


  • @titankratos Heads up, I only sold ingredients because I didn't have enough inventory space to carry them all.

  • @stevenrice True well that makes sense, I just thought you were selling all ingredients.

  • @titankratos

    You misunderstood, I know that right now it's the actual gameplay, what I don't understand is why ?

    I think that the current gameplay greatly pushes the fight aspect over the others, you can easily stay at home and duel people and monsters who wander in your range , while when I go out gathering in 20 minutes I have barely enough to make a potion...

    So to kind of rework the question, is this game going full combat ? and the brewing would be just some support ? or could it become something more with the taming coming ? or later the dungeons ? ( I mean brewing is meant to be support , but I tought it could be support for more than pvp... )

  • I couldn’t agree more. It’s more realistic to be able to gather and quickly pick up items rather than fight with mobs while on a moving vehicle. Still, A stands for Alternate in AR. Haha!

    Also, this might also be a way to control in-game currency since you can just drive around and amass gold making it a bit unbalanced for players. Gold is used for upgrades and for buying stat modifications from healing to buffs.

    I’d like to see how the transition from being passenger to normal mode especially during stops (eg. stoplights) where you should be able to quickly pick up items in the area. If this can be handled better, it would be awesome!

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