PvE freezing on the 1st turn

  • Is anyone else getting this problem? The only thing I can actually do is collect ingredients and make potions. BORING!

  • @shadowmancer Not to insult you or state the obvious but when you close out and restart the game does it continue to not work. I have never had that problem. I have had the system freeze up and have to shut down and restart it. That works for me. Did you send in a bug report.

  • @luckychance the game works still. Creatures are moving, ingredients spawn. But when I enter into a battle with a creature, once the timer runs out, it just keeps loading forever. I can sit there for an hour and it’ll still be stuck there. You can’t draw anymore glyphs. The only three things you can do is chat, forfeit the battle, or close the app. That’s all it allows me to do. Other than collecting ingredients when they spawn and making potions, that’s all I’ve been able to do these past 2 days now. I don’t want to have to wait for another week or two for the next patch JUST to play.

  • @shadowmancer I had this issue once during the Alpha. It was because of the poor internet connection. It happened only when i was in a known dead-zone. Either on wifi or cell tower, check to make sure your data is not hindered or choked.

    Realize that when you have a weak signal you can still play certain aspects of the game that don't require constant pinging or "talking" with the server. For example, there are certain things that you can play that do not require a constant open line, but more of like, packages sent back and forth. if you connect to a reliable signal and still have this issue, make sure to report it in the bug option.

  • Had this issue come up from someone on the FB group, turned out to be related to wearing TierVII pants Rebel's Fatigues, which recently changes from having +Self Concentration to +Dark Arts Evasion. Are you wearing that specific gear piece?

  • @rollingcode its been changed back now on them pants

  • @luckychance It took 2 days to fix but not having anything to do in the game killed my motivation to play.

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