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    Hello guys, as you may have noticed from our latest FB post we are designing Familiars feature. I believe we do have a solid base already but also want to hear your feedback and input.
    I can't reveal too much but I can say that you will be able to tame normal monsters to make them Familiars. Every Familiar will have 4 different Ability branches with each Familiar having 2 unique combat abilities. You will have to level up your Familiar to unlock and upgrade these Abilities. You will have to choose wisely which Ability Branch you like the most. It will be up to you to customize your Familiar's abilities. Ah, and before your truly earn Ability you will have to take Trial.
    NOTE: This is ALL subject to CHANGE.
    Now, what do you expect from actual Taming mechanic ? We have some concept but want to hear your opinions. Would you like to cast a special spell to Tame the monster or rather feed it with food ?

    alt text

    Thanks for your time :)

  • Will you be able to tame more than 1 at a time, and then pick and choose among them a bit like equipment.

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    @antony-hollinsworth You will be able to have more Familiars at the time, yes.

  • It would be grate to get something like "collar" as LOOT for taming or even part (collect 3 parts of "collar" for example) More loot - more fun!

  • This reply has more to do with the hunger by players for new content rather than specifically about the familiars feature that is in the works. With the Pokemon and Draconius go games, which my wife and I were long time players of, the thing that got us the most excited and that we looked forward to the most was new content. New content was what brought life back to the game when we got bored, or was what made us take a look at a new game when we got bored with the old one. For example, when raids came out we started playing again after having put it down for 6 months. When Draconius Go came out it was very similar to Pokemon Go but with alot of new things to do so it was almost like new content. When I got tired of those two games and found Maguss, it was the new content, something new to play. I dont have any ideas or wishes yet for how familiars should work but am excited for the new content. I also believe that game players expect the game to evolve and want new content. This meaning that developers will have to work harder and come up with interesting ideas to capture, maintain and grow a playerbase. also with the Harry Potter game due out this summer, I really hope the Maguss community (the developers and the players) can build a strong foundation of players. More players mean more demand, which means more money for the developers to develop more content, which will bring more players, etc...While I dont have many original ideas, i love how we are being given the opportunity to help shape the future of this game. there is no such thing as a bad Idea. Someone else reading a snippet of what you have shared might help to come up with another idea that could turn into the next cool content for the game.

  • @maguss
    This is an interesting idea. I prefer if the familiar gave me perks in a fight (or perhaps healed me). I never liked the idea of a familiar fighting for me, or pitting them against other familiars (it’s too dog fight-ish).

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    @wyrn You will be the one using Familiars abilities. It wont fight for you :)

  • I think feeding would work. Maybe different foods work on different monsters. Have it that we can tame any monster. I also like the idea suggested that an equipment drop that we can get is a collar for our familiars. Maybe have a half dozen or so different collars that we can get. And each of them available in all rarities (poor, good, excellent etc). And have the collars give give special abilities & or enhance the abilities that we work on with our familiars.

  • I quite like the idea of using a spell to tame them. I like the above statement about having Familiars aid with healing, and maybe removing curses etc. Would be very handle, especially in a duel!

  • I agree with the idea to tame a monster with a spell, maybe after you have weakend the monster without killing it (like the classic pokemon game). This will give more strategic thinking to the taming process, also given that some monster can heal itself. Furthermore, you can give to the more powerful monster a tighter "healt window". Forse example, you can launch a tame spell to a tier 1 monster when its health is below 30 points, but for a tier 5 monster you can launch the tame spell only of its health is below 10 points!

  • We need more types of beans, so I think their should be pet beans for different Tier Creatures, I like the beans but never use them for potion maybe just change those into pet beans would make it easier for you guys to work with. Adding more spells is more things you guys have to deal with, make it simple and fun :) Plus than you can hold more items in bags instead of just gear, potions and a ton of ingredients.

  • Maybe we could use potions, especifc for each monster or each tier, that would lure a single monster seeking for a master, and if you beat then or if you accomplish some requirements during the fight you will tame the monster.
    There could be quests to drop the recipe or an particular ingrediente to make the potion, those quests could be given when you 'level up' to a new tier or weekly, but they should be dificult forcing you to walk and hunt monsters/ingredients.
    This could be turned into a money sink for the game too, since gold is easy to find at higher levels.

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