More ways to spend tokens please!

  • I spend about 90% of my gameplay capped at 400 Bazaar Tokens. I can generally spend between 60 and (very occasionally) 375 tokens per day, but usually somewhere in the 150 range. I walk about 20 miles a week, so I spend a lot of time brewing potions to get herbs out of my inventory. I've watched hundreds of ads without getting tokens in the last few days alone, and it feels like a waste. Could we get token options for some of the stuff in the luxury section? Even if it was just herb packs, I would rather pick up the occasional Herbologist Pack than be reminded after every single ad that I'm basically throwing tokens away.

  • You can spend Gold on beans to speed up potion brewing instead of watching ads, so you don't have to spend time watching the same ads over and over.

  • I know, but I'm already spending gold on tonic and missing ingredients, and I'd like to get some gear eventually. If I spend gold on time beans too I run out of gold waaaay before I run out of herbs. I'm currently working on illustrating a coloring book, so when I'm drawing I set my tablet up next to me so I can hit the ad button periodically between pen strokes.

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