What are the thoughts on Fortresses (like PoGo Gyms)?

  • I think for Fortresses it should be a CTF or Hold Bases for 5 mins for Magic Dust at least 1-5 depending on how long you can hold it for. Add more ideas below. :)

  • only problem you have with that is the size of the player base and it would just end up the way it is in Draco where if your the only player in your area like I am you will own all the fortresses in your local area and nothing happens, its something for when the player base increases dramatically. with the new update coming from Pogo I think you will find it hard to get any new converts to Maguss unfortunately.

  • @antony-hollinsworth I personal do not want anything like Pokemon GO that is why I play Maguss and put money into it. I played Pokemon GO when it first came out and lost interest in in fast. It never got updates and no way to give feedback like Maguss does. Probably because Maguss has a small team they care more about what people think. I am just trying to put out ideas for them to see what people think.

  • well, since the lore of the game says those monsters are from other dimension, our fortress should be in another dimension too, so people could invade it regardless of their position in real world, but the fortress should have an location in MAGUSS's world and no fortress should be allowed near this one.

  • @titankratos We could have a portal event or something that everyone could join that lasts for a short time but moves around your current area.

  • @titankratos Have a base that teleport around.

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