What's going on here?

  • A friend and I are dueling to level up our spell categories. We casted different amounts of each category, but we saw the same increase in category XP. So I got him to send me a Screenshot. This first one is mine, the second is my friend. What's really going on here? 0_1522349803087_Screenshot_2018-03-29-14-42-46.png


  • need to get each player to make note of the current xp for their own spells, then duel and see how the xp increases based on the result.

    PS odd that your friend would create an account with a slightly different spell of your own name (not judging) lol

  • @antony-hollinsworth okay, hahaha, you caught me. I have 2 Android devices that I play on. Yes, I Duel against myself for spell xp. My Alt(SteavinRice) will post a reply also.
    Thanks for the tip about checking the xp, before and after the Duel. My personal duels consist of StevenRice casting all the spells. He is my main. Here are the screen shots you mentioned.

    1. Before the Duel :0_1522375763945_Screenshot_20180329-215350_Maguss.jpg

    2. After the Duel :0_1522375807069_Screenshot_20180329-215944_Maguss.jpg

    And here are the Duel results :0_1522375850556_Screenshot_20180329-215908_Maguss.jpg

  • This post is deleted!

  • @antony-hollinsworth Here I am again. Yes, I am using my Alternative toon to figure out some crazy things. During the duel, I casted no spells with this toon.

    1. Before the duel :0_1522377250307_Screenshot_2018-03-29-22-17-42.png
      After the duel :0_1522377509768_Screenshot_2018-03-29-21-55-26.png

    Duel results :0_1522377396458_Screenshot_2018-03-29-21-59-16.png

    So it kinda seems like the losers results are mirroring the winners results, but only on the results screen.

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