Drop rate for pendant and book too low?

  • Hello there fellow maguss players, am I the only one that thinks that the drop rate for pendants and books is too low? I have been trying for an entire day, farming low lvl mobs and I have the lucky boost as well and nothing so far.
    What do you guys think? Am I the only one that thinks its a bit low the drop rate? Is there some speculation for changes?
    Best regards and good huntings!

  • I'm at level 40 now and never found one of those items yet. Drop rate in fact seems to be VERY low.

  • Books and pendant or only legendary drops so your prob looking at best 1% drop rate without luck boost. I've only had a lvl 1 book drop and lvl 2 pendent and I'm at 960k total XP so IV killed alot of mobs, currently books ain't activated so it's pendants that you really wanted they work. Happy grinding.

  • Ya I have never seen any. They really should change this for the future because the grind is not fair. you have to be level 40 or higher to see one and the odds are very low.

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