Speed cap because of me?

  • During the last version of the game, I got rich from collecting ingredients while I was riding as a passenger. I collected and sold so many ingredients, I could buy anything. I made sure to tell the developers about it, so they didn't think I was cheating. Shortly after I mentioned it here, they created a speed cap for collecting ingredients. Now I can't collect anything, and that sucks.

    I feel like the speed cap doesn't make sense. I understand that the developers don't want people playing while driving, it's safer that way. But, honestly, the speed cap should be for monsters, not ingredients. I noticed this, because I don't see any ingredients while riding as a passenger. But I do see monsters that I can battle. Which seems less safe. Collecting ingredients takes a lot less attention than battles. Who agrees with me, when I say that we should not have a speed cap on collecting ingredients, or anything really? If you developers need to implement a speed cap, it should be on monsters, not ingredients.

  • No I do not agree with this at all. So you are saying that if you are driving you can focus on Maguss and collect ingredients, which you could and crash into someone or run over someone walking. :( The monsters makes sense because they do not want people to drive and play. Please think about post like this or they will just take away everything because of people like you complaining. If you want ingredients walk around the block. I am at 50 herblore and that is because while I walk to Timmies and other places I collect ingredients. Battling makes sense when you are in a car or bus because it takes more attention to do that.

  • @titankratos You don't agree because you don't understand what I meant. But I post a lot of things that would make the game funner for me. I just wanted to collect a bunch of ingredients again. But, now, I realized that I am totally fine with the battles and no ingredients. Because I am actually playing to kill monsters.

  • As I said, go for walks. This game, like many AR games, is suppose to get people into the real world not sit around and play. I walk about 2 -3 KM every day and I am able to make at least 10 potions a day. I do not play it all the time maybe two hours daily. Plus you make a lot more money battling creatures than ingredients and potions. I battle Tier 8 for about 1000 per creature, you have to sell about 100-200 of the Tier V to make that much. Why waist it when you can make potions for money or use them to help you kill the creatures faster for money and gear which you can sell for more or keep for later use

  • @titankratos I don't drive. I'm not talking about playing while driving. I'm talking about while riding as a passenger, in whichever way you travel. As much as I recommend against it, people will play while driving. I just wanted to suggest that the speed cap be changed to monsters, not ingredients.

    Because, I imagine someone playing while driving. It takes a lot more attention to battle monsters than it does to collect ingredients. So, that is what I'm saying. And if you want to hand your phone to a passenger in your car, they can collect ingredients for you. Battles while traveling doesn't make sense.

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    @stevenrice Hello, battling while travelling actually makes sense. Quite a lot of people commute to work via public transportation therefore they can kill time and defeat a couple of monsters until they get to their destination. You yourself said you made "milions" of collecting ingredients while driving. You see why it is not fair :)

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