Aroma X Allure potion

  • Aroma potion: attract lower tier (tier I-V) monsters towards you.
    Allure potion: attract higher tier (tier VI-X) monsters towards you.

    How they seens to work:
    they attracts monsters in sight towards you, so they dont spawns news monsters for you, but bring mosnters that are far to your reach. It seens like they don't affect 2 monsters at the same time so for the potion to affect other monster the first needs to be in your reach and there seens to have some kind of cooldown so it wont attract unlimited monsters if you run towards then.
    Best way to use:

    • while walking, just buy the one you preffer and go killing mobs, preffer to buy a perfect one if you are going to walk more than 30 minutes.
    • while not moving, look around to check if you have more higher tier( VI-X) mobs or lower tier (I-V) and buy a allure potion if you have more higer tier or a aroma potion if you have more lower tier.
      Ps.: unless ou have a lot of mobs or if you take too much time to kill then dont buy a perfect potion or the mobs may be dead and with no respawn for more than the duration of your potion.

    Pls if someone see something wrong or have something to add just reply and i ll edit.

  • You can't get perfect lure potions anymore.

  • @antony-hollinsworth You can't buy any perfect potion, but i thought you could get one through daily rewards or chests...

  • Possibly, but iv no seen any from daily reward or chest.

  • On the topic of Perfect Allure/Aroma, I do recall getting 1 perfect of each type from leveling rewards, and each lasted 30 mins.

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